Gillette Venus women’s razors | Complete review of all types

There are many ways to remove excess body hair, the easiest of which is shaving, as it is an easy, painless and quick way to get rid of excess hair in a matter of minutes. One of the most popular razors that women use are Gillette Venus blades of all kinds, and below we will show you a full review on everything related to the blade Gillette Venus Women’s.

Women’s Blades of Venus

Gillette women’s blades are used to remove excess hair easily within minutes, and there are many types available to suit all your needs.

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Advantages of Gillette women’s razors

  • Quickly removes hair without pain.
  • It does not dry out the skin thanks to the moisturizing strip around the blades.
  • Any Venus shaver head is compatible with any Venus handle except for the disposable Gillette Venus Simply.
  • Can be used on all areas of the body.
  • Ensures precise removal of even fine hairs.
  • Venus blades can be used for sensitive skin.

Disadvantages of Gillette Venus razors

Despite the many advantages of Venus blades, they may have some disadvantages, such as:

  • The speed of hair growth compared to other methods that remove hair from its roots.
  • Relatively high price compared to other types.
  • Some types may not be suitable for highly sensitive skin, so you must choose the right type for your skin carefully.

Review of Venus Blade in terms of:

Components of Gillette Venus women’s razors

Venus blades consist of a head and a handle

  • machine head: It contains a number of blades ranging from 2 to 5 blades, depending on the type.
  • Machine handle: It may be rubber or metal, in addition to the type in which the handle design is small and compact to suit portability and travel.
  • sliding bar: The head of the machine is usually surrounded by a sliding bar for easy movement of the machine over the body.
  • hydration bar: Some models include a lubricating strip to ensure smoothness that lasts after shaving.

The effect of Gillette Venus razors

When you use Gillette Venus, you will find that it removes all hair easily and without pain, and with proper use, you will notice that it does not cause scratches or dryness to your skin, as other razors do.

Types of Venus blades

Gillette Venus Breeze Comfort

  • The head of the Venus Breeze razor, or what is known as the Venus Move blades, contains three blades surrounded by gel plates that contain some oils that give foam when exposed to water to facilitate the shaving process. It also helps in moving the blades on the body without causing any scratches.
  • The shaver head is flexible to fit the contours of the body and is easy to change.
  • The handle is rubberized and specially designed to be easy to hold and move.
  • It has a pleasant floral scent.

Shiving Venus

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Gillette Venus Olay Comfort

  • Venus yellow razors have 5 blades surrounded by moisturizing panels that contain moisturizing butters, leaving your skin soft and moisturized after hair removal.
  • It has a coconut scent.
  • The non-slip handle gives you more control and comfort.
  • It quickly removes hair, even the thinnest of it, thanks to the five blades located in the head of the machine.

Shiving Venus

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Gillette Venus Smooth

Venus Smooth Shaving Machine Its head contains three blades surrounded by protective pads to ensure a smooth shave without scratches, and it also contains a moisturizing strip that contains oils that facilitate the shaving process and the shaving machine gently glides over the body.

The head of the machine is convenient to bend in different directions, which makes it reach small and hard-to-reach places on your body.

venus gillette

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Gillette Venus Snap

Venus Snap razors, or as they are called, Venus Pink razors are designed to take up as little space as possible to fit you on the go.

The head of the machine contains five razor blades and a small handle, and the lubricant strip surrounded by the blades is extracted from avocado oil. It is activated immediately after exposure to water to ensure an easy and smooth shave.

venus gillette

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Gillette Venus Simply

  • Venus Simply 2-blade disposable razor for women is surrounded by a lubricating strip to make shaving easier.
  • The handle of the machine is designed to be easy to control during the shaving process.

Gillette women's razors

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Gillette Venus Deluxe Smooth Platinum

  • Deluxe Smooth shaver for a long-lasting, ultra-smooth shave.
  • The head of the shaver contains 5 blades and a thick glide and lubrication strip to ensure that the shaver glide efficiently during the shaving process and enjoy the smoothness afterwards.
  • Anti-slip metal handle for perfect control.

Gillette women's razors

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Venus blade prices

The price of Venus blades ranges between 50 and 380 Egyptian pounds, depending on the type of blade, the number of blades inside the package, and whether they are for one use or several times.

Venus blades price compared to other products

The price of Venus blades may be relatively high compared to other types in the market.

There are cheaper Gillette Venus razors on the market, such as:

Gillette venus price compared to efficiency

The price of the blades is reasonable compared to their effectiveness in removing hair quickly and painlessly in addition to protecting the skin from drying out.

Venus Blades package shape

The shape of the Venus razor packaging varies according to the type, the number of machines inside the package, and the number of heads, but in most cases the packaging is elegant, with the razor inside.

The device may come with a carrying case such as the Gillette Venus Snap.

How to use Gillette Venus women’s razors

  1. Wet your skin well with water: To keep hair away from the skin, making it easy and comfortable to remove.
  2. Exfoliate your skin: If you need to exfoliate to remove dead skin and get a smoother skin after shaving, exfoliate before shaving to remove excess hair from under the skin and avoid irritation.
  3. Apply shaving gel: Shaving gel ensures more moisture and adds a layer of protection to prevent scratches and cuts while shaving.
  4. Choose the blade that best suits your skin: There are many types, choose what suits your skin.
  5. Shave the hair the right way: Shave the hair in the direction of its growth and then in the opposite direction once.
  6. Moisturize your skin: After shaving, dry your skin with a towel, then moisturize it with your favorite moisturizer, to ensure fresh and healthy skin and avoid dryness.

You can use the multi-use blades 5 to 10 shaves.

overall assessment:

If you want an easy, fast and painless way to remove hair, and it does not cause any dryness, scratches or irritation to your skin, Venus women’s razors will suit you.

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And if you are looking for women’s razors at a lower price, you can try Gillette Blue women’s razor blades or Balea women’s razors.

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