Top 3 ways to treat lung cancer in children

Lung cancer in children

Lung cancer occurs in children when the cells grow irregularly and faster than usual, and the rapid growth of these cells leads to disruption of the natural system of the body, and this leads to what is called cancer disruption. There are different types of cancer that may affect children, as it affects 3 to 4 children out of every One hundred thousand children have cancer, and among the most common cancer diseases are leukemia, lymphoma, and brain cancer, as well as frequent infections, anemia, and recurrent fever, but treatment has been reached for more than 70% of childhood cancer, especially leukemia. Through this article, we will learn together about lung cancer when Children, symptoms of lung cancer in children, causes and methods of treatment through the doctor with “Doxpert”.

Lung cancer in children

These symptoms may be the result of infection with some other diseases that are not related to cancer, but when a child is exposed to these symptoms, he must follow up with the doctor in case of cancer. And also pain in the head, but if the cancer is in the blood, then the symptoms are anemia, bone pain, and some frequent infections, and there is also lymphoma, which is accompanied by swelling in the neck.

Symptoms of lung cancer in children

There are many types of cancers that are discovered for children by doctors or by parents, but since cancer in children is not common, it is difficult to identify cancer in early times because the symptoms that children suffer from are symptoms of more common diseases, but the doctor must review And examine the child if he shows unusual and persistent symptoms or signs, such as:

  1. Loss of energy and paleness
  2. unusual swelling and mass;
  3. Some pain in one area of ​​the body
  4. bruising or bleeding
  5. Some changes in the eyes and vision
  6. Unexplained and sudden weight loss
  7. Constant headache
  8. lameness;

Causes of lung cancer in children

There are several reasons that lead to lung cancer, and smoking is the main cause of lung cancer, but also people who do not smoke but are exposed to secondhand smoke and several other factors may get infected, and there is still no clear cause of lung cancer, as lung cancer arises in the cells that make up the inner lining of the lungs Several factors have been identified that help increase the chance of developing lung cancer, and among these factors are:

  1. Radiation therapy
  2. The incidence of pulmonary fibrosis
  3. Pulmonary diseases and simple infections
  4. Passive smoking
  5. infection with a disease such as AIDS
  6. Exposure to radon gas
  7. Environmental pollution
  8. Exposure to smoke from ovens and smoke from fire and coal

Smoking, as well as passive smoking, is considered here as one of the most important causes that lead to lung cancer in children, because when cigarette smoke is inhaled, which contains many carcinogens, some changes occur in the internal tissues of the lungs, and at the beginning the body may be able to resist these changes, but After repetition of the damage that enters the lung, healthy cells cannot continue to deal with this damage, and with the passage of time, this damage may lead to normal cells to behave abnormally until a cancerous tumor is formed in the end, and this tumor may spread to all parts of the body. The lungs have many lymphatic vessels that give the tumor the opportunity to move to all parts of the body. There are also many risk factors that lead to an increase in the chance of developing lung cancer in children and adults, and some of these factors are through man and he can control them. Illustration by are smoking, passive smoking, and avoiding environmental pollution.

Diagnosis of lung cancer in children

No determination has been made yet on a specific method for diagnosing lung cancer in children, and no decision has been made whether screening tests should be done to detect lung cancer or not. Even if the patient suffers from some problems that lead to an increased chance of developing lung cancer, it is not yet clear if he should Performing a tomography x-ray, but it was recently concluded that smokers who smoke 30 cigarettes per day must undergo a detection by CT scan or by x-ray, or even if the person feels some symptoms of lung cancer, you must do tests, including these Examinations:

  • Imaging examinations
  • Saliva examination
  • Tissue examination

After conducting examinations and confirming the incidence of lung cancer in children, the doctor determines the type and degree of cancer, and this helps the doctor determine the type, method, and effectiveness of treatment in relation to the patient’s condition. There are many treatment methods in the case of lung cancer in children.

Methods of treating lung cancer in children

There are many methods that help treat lung cancer in children, and treatment methods are determined according to the type, condition, and degree of cancer, and there are several methods, which are the surgical method, the radiation method, and chemotherapy

  1. Surgical treatment

During the surgery, the parts that may have had lung cancer are removed, and it is also possible to remove some healthy parts. The surgery to remove lung cancer includes the following:

  • Excision of the part containing the tumor along with some healthy parts
  • Excision of a larger portion of the lung, but not the entire lobe
  • Pneumonectomy to remove the entire lung

If surgery is performed, the doctor may remove lymph nodes from the chest for diagnosis and examination, and surgery is a more effective treatment, but doctors recommend radiation and chemotherapy before undergoing surgery so that the tumor is reduced.

2. Radiotherapy

Radiation therapy is used by using X-rays and some high-energy radiation sources that help treat the cancerous tumor, where the rays are focused on the exact location of the tumor to precise points in your body. Also, radiation therapy may be used before surgery in order to help reduce the tumor before the operation. Sometimes, if the tumor spreads throughout the body, radiotherapy is used to reduce symptoms.

3. Chemotherapy

Radiation therapy is used in order to kill cancer cells formed in the lung, and chemotherapy is through the use of drugs, which is by taking drugs through a vein or orally.

in the end

At the end of this article, we recommend seeking medical help if there are no changes in the nature of the body and the feeling of Lung cancer in children The previously mentioned treatment at Docspert Health focuses primarily on diagnosing and treating lung cancer in children and how to manage its associated symptoms.

As explained in this article about lung cancer in children and its most important causes through “Doxpert Health”, and in the event that you encounter some questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to send them to be answered as soon as possible.

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