The 10 most common symptoms of spine cancer and ways to treat it

Symptoms of spine cancer

Symptoms of spinal cancer is a tumor that arises within the spinal cord or within the bony vertebrae, and a tumor that arises within the spinal cord is called a spinal cord tumor, while a tumor that affects the bones of the spine is called a spinal tumor, and spinal cancer can lead to pain and many problems Nervousness and sometimes more complex complications such as paralysis, and it can also be life-threatening or cause permanent disability, and treatment of spinal tumor may include several different treatments, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or other medications.

Through this article, we will get to know together about The most important reasons and Symptoms of spine cancer And to discover the methods of its diagnosis and treatment through the doctor specialized in “Doxpert Health”.

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Spinal cancer

Spinal cancer occurs as a result of abnormal growth in the tissues of the spine or in the tissues surrounding it, and cancer can arise from the cells of the spine itself and is called the primary tumor, and cancer cells may spread from other areas of the body to the spine and is called a secondary tumor, and spine cancer is divided into two parts:

  1. Vertebral carcinoma is cancer that affects the vertebrae of the spine.
  2. Spinal cord cancer, which is cancer that arises within the spinal cord or in the surrounding area. Spinal cancer may be accompanied by several symptoms, including pain and many other neurological problems, which in some cases may reach the stage of complete paralysis.

Symptoms of spine cancer

Spinal cancer causes many different symptoms and signs, ranging from severity to mildness, depending on the stage of tumor spread and the patient’s health condition. We will discuss the most common of these symptoms through the following lines:

  1. Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of spinal cancer, and the pain may also spread to the hips, legs, feet or arms, and may get worse over time.
  2. Pain at the site and location of the tumor.
  3. Back pain, which often spreads to other parts of the body and gets worse at night, is one of the most common symptoms of spinal cancer.
  4. Feeling less sensitive to pain, heat and cold.
  5. A symptom of spinal cancer is loss of bowel or bladder function.
  6. Weakness, general fatigue, and extreme exhaustion from the slightest exertion.
  7. High body temperature and fever.
  8. Difficulty walking or moving, sometimes leading to falls and difficulty with balance.
  9. Loss of sensation or muscle weakness, especially in the arms or legs.
  10. Muscle weakness, which may be mild or severe, and throughout different parts of the body.

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Causes of spine cancer

There is no clear cause for spinal cancer, but there can be some factors that can lead to symptoms of spinal cancer, and the most common of these reasons are the following:

  1. The presence of genetic disorders and a family medical history, such as spinal cancer.
  2. Neurofibromatosis or spinal cord tumors.
  3. Von Hippel-Lindau disease This disorder is associated with tumors of blood vessels in the brain, retina, and spinal cord.
  4. Tumors in the kidneys or adrenal glands.
  5. Environmental factors and exposure to certain chemicals.

Methods of diagnosing spine cancer

There are several diagnostic methods used by the doctor specializing in “Doxpert Health” to detect the causes of spinal cancer, and based on them, a specific treatment plan is determined. Among the diagnostic methods are the following:

  1. MRI of the spine: MRI uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to get accurate pictures of your vertebrae, spinal cord, and nerves. It is also preferable to conduct an examination using magnetic resonance imaging to diagnose tumors of the spinal cord and surrounding tissues.
  2. A computed tomography (CT) scan uses a narrow beam to take detailed pictures of the spine. It is sometimes used together with an injected contrast dye to further reveal abnormal tissue or shape in the spinal canal or spinal cord.
  3. A biopsy is a sample of cells taken. The only way to determine the exact type of spinal tumor is to examine a small sample of tissue (biopsy) under a microscope. These results will help the biopsy determine treatment options..

How to treat spine cancer

The treatment method is determined based on the results of the diagnosis and according to the nature of each case. Among the treatment methods are the following:

  1. Radiotherapy:

Where radiation therapy is used by using high-energy rays to kill the targeting of cancer cells, and sometimes radiation therapy is the only treatment required to treat some types of cancer in the early stages, but it can be used with chemotherapy or surgery to treat the disease at a later stage.

2- Chemotherapy:

Chemo drugs are prescribed to kill cancer cells, prevent them from spreading, and reduce their size. They can be used before surgery to shrink tumors, or after surgery to prevent the disease from spreading or to stop it coming back. Targeted therapeutic drugs can also reduce cancer cells by blocking the substances they need. to grow.

3- Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is in the form of a drug treatment prescribed by the attending physician to help your immune system fight cancer. This is because cancer cells may produce a range of proteins that make it more difficult for immune system cells to recognize cancer cells as dangerous, harmful cells to the body.

4- Surgical treatment:

Surgical operations are resorted to by making an incision with a scalpel in an area of ​​the skin close to the tumor, or entering through the mouth with a tube called an endoscope, or by using laser or other modern techniques, to eradicate early cancers using an endoscope or laser, either in the case if If the cancer is more advanced, the patient may need surgery, especially in the advanced stages, to remove the tumor to prevent the tumor from getting worse and spreading to the rest of the body and limiting its complications.

5- Targeted drug therapy

The attending physician may also prescribe “Doxpert Health” another type of cancer treatment, which is targeted drug therapies, as they focus on cancer cells to eliminate and kill cancer cells in the gallbladder. Targeted drugs may also be a suitable option for people with advanced gallbladder cancer.

In the end

At the end of this article, we recommend seeking medical help in the event of any changes in the nature of the body and the feeling of the symptoms of spine cancer that were mentioned previously, as treatment in “Doxpert Health” focuses primarily on diagnosing and treating symptoms of spine cancer and how to control the symptoms associated with it. .

In this article, the most important symptoms and causes of spinal cancer symptoms and methods of treatment have also been clarified through “Doxpert Health”. If you encounter any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to send them to be answered as soon as possible.

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