Pregnancy problems in the first month and tips to avoid infection

Pregnancy problems in the first month vary from one woman to another according to her health condition and age, but most women suffer from several annoying symptoms such as morning sickness and frequent vomiting. So, in this article, we will present to you the common dangers at this sensitive stage, and how to overcome them.

Pregnancy problems in the first month

Pregnancy problems in the first month

The annoying symptoms of pregnancy usually begin in the sixth week of pregnancy, as the pregnant woman feels morning sickness, which may continue with her until the beginning of the sixth month, and she also feels insomnia and difficulty sleeping continuously, and among other problems:

Yellow vaginal secretions

Vaginal secretions are associated with pregnancy, as the vagina begins to secrete white, translucent fluids with the aim of facilitating childbirth, but if you notice that their color has turned dark yellow accompanied by an unpleasant odor, then this is evidence of fungus attacking the vagina, especially with the presence of annoying itching, and these secretions are considered a great danger to the fetus, as It threatens its safety, and increases the chances of miscarriage, so if you feel itchy in the vagina, you must consult a doctor immediately.

frequent vomiting

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the secretion of the hormones estrogen and progesterone increases in the blood, and they are responsible for hormonal changes, which make the pregnant woman feel morning sickness and the desire to vomit, especially in the early morning and late night times, which causes her to feel dizzy and lose weight. When nausea persists for more than a day, a doctor must be consulted to prevent dehydration and loss of important fluids.


It is defined as a form of sensitivity towards certain foods and smells, and it appears with the first months of pregnancy and increases until the fourth month, and this is due to hormonal changes in the body and the increase in the secretion of the hormone progesterone. From the deposition of vitamins in the body, and exposes her to anemia and anemia, and exposes her fetus to weight loss at birth. If you are attacked by a seizure, rely on healthy foods and take nutritional supplement tablets.

early miscarriage

Miscarriage is the most serious problem in the first month, and it is more likely to occur in women over forty years of age, or who have problems in the uterus and reproductive system. The fetus is less than 12 weeks old, but if the body does not get rid of it, medical surgery must be performed so that the woman does not develop eclampsia.

Constipation and difficulty in digestion

Constipation occurs in the first month and continues until the last months of pregnancy, due to the intake of nutritional supplements such as iron tablets, which slow down the movement of food digestion in the intestines, as well as pregnancy hormones, which also work to reduce the movement of the duodenum, and to get rid of it, drink a sufficient amount of water not less than eight Cups, in addition to eating leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

Mood swings

The pregnant woman is exposed to sudden bouts of depression with a desire to isolate herself from her surroundings, and may even extend to suicidal thoughts due to successive hormonal changes. She also begins to think intensely about her new life in the presence of a child, which causes her bouts of anxiety and stress. Doctors advise the need for support Meaning by the family and friends of the pregnant woman during that difficult period, in addition to practicing some activities such as reading, relaxation exercises, or yoga to get rid of negative energy charges.

Insomnia and lack of hours of sleep

Pregnancy is accompanied by a feeling of insomnia and difficulty sleeping, as well as bouts of constant headaches due to the start of the formation of the placenta of the fetus. In the event that you feel a headache attack, avoid consuming caffeine, but rather replace it with warm milk or chamomile to get a perfect sleep.

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