Stability of pregnancy in the first months and important medical advice

The stability of pregnancy in the first months worries many pregnant women, especially if it is their first pregnancy, as the fetus is in its initial stages, and its vital body systems begin to form, and there are several signs indicating the stability of pregnancy, so it is important to follow some medical advice to stabilize it, in addition to eating foods In particular, it provides the mother with important nutrients and increases the strength of the uterus and placenta.

Stability of pregnancy in the first months

Stability of pregnancy in the first months

Starting from the sixth week in the first trimester of pregnancy, the uterus prepares to receive the fetus by secreting the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the blood, and several symptoms appear that confirm the stability of pregnancy, such as:

  • Morning sickness and frequent vomiting, especially in late night times, due to hormonal changes that occur in the body, as well as low blood sugar, which makes pregnant women feel dizzy and chronic headaches.
  • Frequent urination compared to before pregnancy, as the size of the uterus increases and puts pressure on the bladder, and the blood vessels of the fetus and placenta are formed.
  • Sharp mood changes and the desire to isolate from everyone, and sometimes even to thoughts of suicide, with constant anxiety about the next child.
  • Feeling of continuous insomnia and decreased number of hours of sleep due to the high progesterone hormone in the blood that causes sleepiness.
  • The intense desire to eat salty and spicy foods, which is known as cravings, and it may extend until the end of the fourth month, which is a serious threat to the health of the pregnant woman and exposes her to eclampsia.

The best way to stabilize pregnancy

Doctors recommend following some simple methods to stabilize the pregnancy in the first months, especially if the pregnancy was weak or the pregnant woman had a previous miscarriage. There are several methods, the most important of which are:

Folic acid tablets

Folic acid tablets are one of the important means to stabilize pregnancy, as it protects the fetus from deformities of the central nervous system, and also increases the strength of the walls of the uterus to embrace the next child, in addition to its role in protecting against osteoporosis, and it is preferable to take medical tablets alongside legumes such as lentils, beans and chickpeas, for a period of not less than four months.

The perfect way to sleep

Correct sleep helps reduce the chances of early miscarriage, and avoids severe pressure on the uterus. It is recommended to sleep on the left side, as it works to pump blood regularly to the placenta. It is forbidden to sleep on the stomach, as this may lead to the umbilical cord wrapping around the fetus, causing it to suffocate and die.

Do relaxation exercises

Relaxation and meditation exercises rid the body of stress and tension, which are one of the causes of miscarriage, as they reduce the level of progesterone in the blood, and stimulate the flow of serotonin known as the hormone of happiness, and most importantly combating chronic depression. Do the exercises three times a week to have a perfect pregnancy and a feeling of happiness and gratitude.

Natural tips for a safe pregnancy

A safe pregnancy depends on a set of foundations and rules. Follow medical advice to protect your fetus from many harms, such as:

  • Rely on a balanced diet that contains a sufficient amount of fiber and vitamins, in addition to proteins and a small percentage of carbohydrates, to reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes.
  • Make sure to rest completely and get enough sleep, and avoid doing hard housework.
  • It is preferable to reduce intimacy in the first months, as sexual intercourse stimulates uterine contractions and increases dangerous vaginal secretions.
  • The need for periodic follow-up with your doctor in the case of a weak pregnancy, with his consultation when exposed to any dangers or concerns.
  • Drink a large amount of water and fresh juices so as not to get dehydrated and lack of amniotic fluid around the fetus. It is recommended to avoid soft drinks and caffeine to protect against osteoporosis.
  • Stay away from smoking places and do not be exposed to secondhand smoke, as it is one of the most important things that must be done throughout pregnancy.
  • Monitor your weight constantly and reduce your intake of carbohydrates and sweets for their role in raising blood pressure.

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