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The Arabs call ashwagandha ashwagandha, and the word (Ashwagandha) came from Ayurveda, and the name is a two-syllable component that means horse power or the smell of horse. Its name is frequent and used by adults and children even, and in gyms many sports practitioners have become fond of using it. What are its most important unique benefits and how to use all of that and more, Dr. Salim Talal will explain to you.

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Chemical Contents of Ashwagandha:

Ashuganda contains (flavonoids) and flavonoids are antioxidants, and other active elements (withanolides), which are anti-inflammatory, and lactones, which are anti-tumor compounds.

Where is the ashwagandha plant located:

Ashwagandha is naturally found in many parts of the world, but it loves cold regions more than hot regions, and that is why we used to see it a lot when we were young and got to know it because of its striking red spherical fruit and we called it edible, and sometimes we used to eat these fruits that have some sweetness, the most used of Ashwagandha Its roots, but also leaves and fruits are used less, and now its cultivation is spreading to benefit from it commercially.

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Ashwagandha Benefits:

For thousands of years, ashwagandha roots have been used to increase concentration, strengthen memory, and prevent its deterioration in the elderly. It is also given to young children to enhance cognitive abilities and improve concentration. It is excellent in that and even suitable for ADHD children

You have psychological pressure around you and you are not able to think with a clear mind, you and Ashwagandha because it works to relieve anxiety and tension and improve the general mood and has an amazing effect in relaxing the mind, also when used in the evening before bedtime helps sleep because it eliminates insomnia caused by nervous pressure.

If someone complains of joint pain or muscle weakness due to stress, Ashwagandha contains anti-inflammatory steroids, so it is useful for treating arthritis and some immune diseases.

Ashwagandha increases testosterone and thus increases fertility, quality and health of sperm, also for athletes or those who practice regular sports, muscle mass improves, as ashwagandha helps to produce blood cells and improve blood circulation.

The plant extract works by disrupting the ability of cancer cells to “reproduce” and this is a major step in the fight against cancer, and it also prevents tumors from forming new blood vessels to support their growth, and reduces the bad effects of chemotherapy, and it is also recommended to use it as an important psychological support for cancer patients because of its anti-cancer effect for depression.

If the doctor told you that you are in the pre-diabetic stage, then you went to check your cumulative sugar and the result was high. Ashwagandha is excellent because it rebalances blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity.

Ashwagandha plant

How to use Ashwagandha:

If the roots are available from the apothecary shops, we grind them as fine as powder. The dosage for adults is to fill a tablespoon (3-5 grams and maybe a little more) of this powder, and for children over five years half a teaspoon, to be added to a glass of warm milk, stirred and drunk before breakfast or before lunch. A spoonful of natural honey can be added for those who like to change its taste. This method is the best method mentioned in ancient medicine.

Is ashwagandha safe:

There are no side effects of the herb as long as you use it according to the instructions of the medical specialist, and of course the pregnant woman does not use ashwagandha nor the diabetic patient who uses hypoglycemic drugs because, as we said, the herb reduces blood sugar.

finally.. If you do not like the taste of herbs in general, ashwagandha is sometimes available in capsules in pharmacies or stores that sell nutritional supplements. You can also buy ashwagandha from the iHerb website for selling supplements and natural products, and we chose the best suitable type for you, whether capsules or ground ashwagandha roots.

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