Male garlic, its benefits, how to use it, and how to get it

Male Garlic (Male Garlic) Some may hear about it and its benefits, while others may not know it.. What is male garlic and what is the difference between it and the well-known regular garlic? Follows from the lines on the treatment site.

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What is male garlic

As we see, the male garlic is the same as the regular garlic from the same plant and the same species, so what is the difference between it and the garlic known and used in the kitchen, the difference is that it contains one clove rounded and completely covered with a cellulose membrane, and not from several cloves as is the case with known garlic and for this reason it is called garlic The male, why is male garlic distinguished from the normal one because this single clove, the vegetative total, the leaves of garlic work for the benefit of one lobe, but the regular garlic works for the benefit of several cloves, so the concentration of active ingredients in the male garlic is higher and thus its therapeutic properties are stronger, and in Yemen, farmers search for the male garlic Among the garlic crop in general, and this process is painstaking because its quantities are small, that is, male garlic is still not planted or grown on its own.

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Benefits of male garlic

The benefits of male garlic, as in the case of regular garlic, are innumerable, a treasure and an integrated pharmacy. I may need hours to explain its benefits, but I will summarize for you its most important and well-known benefits.

For the health of the digestive system, as male garlic contains an ample amount of fiber necessary to maintain the health and strength of the digestive system, it stops the activity of harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines. This is one of the best natural therapeutic solutions to eliminate H. pylori, amoebiasis, and even Escherichia coli.

It reduces high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, removes grease deposited on the walls of arteries and veins, and purifies the body in general from toxins. Therefore, whoever uses it for a month or more notices that his skin becomes more rosy and healthy.

Male garlic is one of the most powerful natural sex-stimulating products, effectively and significantly, and eliminates impotence in men.

Male garlic has double effectiveness in preventing the growth and spread of cancer cells, shrinking tumors, and removing colonic polyps.

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How to use male garlic

First and foremost, it is preferable to eat male garlic raw (uncooked) because its effectiveness decreases when exposed to heat. The best way to use male garlic is to take three cloves, peel them and chew them well before any meal. We can drink a little water after that. Some people cut these cloves and swallow them because of the smell of garlic and its heat. But sometimes the body does not digest all the contents of garlic and therefore we do not fully benefit from it. Also, there are those who are allergic to garlic in general, and this is often an incorrect belief, especially for patients with irritable bowel syndrome, for example. But we tell you that there is no problem. There is a way to avoid any allergy to garlic. The three peeled cloves are pounded and minced. With an electric mixer with a small yogurt box, it is taken before any meal, once a day.

Buy male garlic

Male garlic may be available in most Arab markets, knowing that it has seasons in which it is abundant and seasons in which it is less in the markets and may be absent. In the Arabian Peninsula, most of its quantities come from Yemen and a few from India, and I saw it in North Africa in Algeria.

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