How to prepare amber before use and how to eat it

Many wonder about the method of preparing and preparing the amber before keeping it for later use, and unfortunately there is no correct or even simple information on the Internet on this subject, and whether the amber is the black amber used in fattening or the smokey amber that is used in treatment, there is only one way to prepare it in order to take it internally Later.. exclusively and below are lines on the treatment site, Dr. Salim Talal explains to you the correct way to prepare and use amber.

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What is the correct way to prepare amber:

Briefly; The correct way is to melt the amber with a little local ghee or butter, animal butter, of course, cow butter or olive oil, and as I have shown in previous articles and videos, the amber has a waxy or greasy texture, that is, it must dissolve in oils or fats, and after the amber melts, we mix it with bee honey Natural, and this is the correct old way to prepare amber before eating it internally.

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Steps to prepare amber:

– It is better to use butter because it tastes very acceptable. We put an appropriate small amount on a very quiet fire in order to get rid of the milk in it, and leave it for a few minutes until the milk evaporates completely.

As a precaution, we add a small piece of amber as a test and watch if it starts to melt. We add the rest of the amber we have and keep stirring until it completely dissolves.

We put a kilo of natural bee honey in a suitable mixing bowl, and it is desirable to use an electric mixer so that the mixture mixes well.

Pour the dissolved amber over the honey and mix them well.

Finally, we keep this formula or mixture in a container suitable for use at any time we need it.


How to eat amber:

– We take from the previous mixture according to what is needed for each health condition, for example, if the dissolved ambergris is smokey amber, i.e. used in treatment to strengthen the brain and nerves, etc., we take a tablespoon of it in the morning and in the evening likewise, and if the dissolved amber is black amber for the purpose of fattening, we take from the mixture a filling One tablespoon once a day on an empty stomach.

There are other ways to use amber internally. For example: they take a small piece the size of a small grain of lentils, and put it in a cup of hot milk and stir until it dissolves and drinks, and some may find the taste of amber unpleasant, so they can take the same amount of a lens pill, ball it up and swallow it with plain water, then drink warm water or any hot drink over it.

finally.. And for those who ask whether amber is available, whether smokey amber or black, it is not easy to obtain it in the Arab markets because it is a rare product and its production is not controlled, as people find it on the coasts and in the seas by chance, and this also makes it expensive, in some Arab countries amber is available in perfumery shops and in Oud stores.

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