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Royal jelly in its natural form is a white gelatinous liquid secreted by young worker bees from glands in the front of her head, and as is clear from its name, this liquid is the main food for the queen bee. Royal jelly contains protein, sugar, fatty substances, amino acids, mineral elements, vitamins and yeasts And even other substances, some of which are not known yet, as scientists say, royal jelly is one of the most valuable natural substances, even compared to mammalian milk. Below are lines that Dr. Salim Talal explains to you its forms available in the market, its most important benefits, and the way it is consumed.

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Forms of royal jelly:

It has many forms, the best of which is of course in its natural form, the fresh gel, which is required to be kept in the refrigerator or freezer, the other forms available in the market, in the form of powder, liquid royal jelly undergoes operations to transform it into this form, also it is available in capsules as a single supplement or added with natural products last.

Royal Jelly

Benefits of royal jelly:

The benefits of royal jelly cannot be counted, as it activates all organs of the body, increases the speed of nutritional transformation, regenerates tissues, and harmonizes the functioning of the immune system. The following are the most important 4 uses of royal jelly that are famous for it.

Royal jelly raises mental efficiency and strengthens memory because it stimulates nerve cells and thus increases concentration and eliminates the problem of rapid forgetting that many people suffer from. It also increases physical activity and resists the feeling of exhaustion, especially as a result of insomnia and stress.

Royal Jelly strengthens the fertility of men and women and helps the maturation of the genitals, according to studies, it raises testosterone levels, improves the health of sperm in men, and strengthens ovulation in females, so it is an excellent treatment for many cases of infertility, whether infertility for men or women, and we always find Royal jelly is added to natural formulations or mixtures related to infertility, also on the same subject as fertility impairment. Royal jelly is very useful for cases of sexual weakness in men, as it strengthens nerves, improves blood circulation and stimulates the reproductive glands.

Royal jelly is an excellent treatment for poor growth, especially in children, either alone or by adding it to honey, and also to eliminate anemia. Royal jelly contains iron, but not any iron. Look, briefly and simply, iron has two forms, the first is called ferrous. And the trivalent form, royal jelly contains the best form of iron, which is bilateral, so it gives great results, and there is no other synthetic compound that compares to it.

If you are an athlete or play a sport, there is nothing better than royal jelly; It contains natural protein and an excellent amount of approximately 20%. There is no need for processed proteins. You have a treasure of natural protein in this royal jelly. Also, according to studies, royal jelly increases the percentage of oxygen in the blood and thus in the tissues and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, and this increases the energy of the body. It enhances his tolerance for exercise.

How to eat royal jelly:

The daily dose is half a teaspoon for children over three and adults to fill a tablespoon or two. The method of taking the gel alone is to put it under the tongue to dissolve for two minutes or more, then swallow the rest. This method gives better results because part of it is absorbed directly into the blood, and the user notices this through its effect The quick, second method is by mixing it with honey. For every 1 kilo of honey, 30 to 50 grams of royal jelly is mixed with it and used in any suitable way on an empty stomach, for example two tablespoons, and also before dinner or bedtime. The same method, and royal jelly is used for one to two months, then we stop it the same duration, and so on.

finally.. Royal jelly is available in some honey shops and in the form of capsules in pharmacies or nutritional supplement stores. You can also buy royal jelly from the iHerb site for selling natural supplements and products, and we chose the best suitable type for you, whether capsules or ground ashwagandha roots.

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