Cabbage diet to lose fat

Cabbage diet is one of the most famous methods used in melting fat and getting rid of excess weight and losing weight, especially for the abdomen and rumen. Cabbage in general is considered one of the very useful vegetables that have many uses, and many benefits, including reducing cholesterol, preventing cancer, and treating stomach ulcers and excess acidity. .

You can implement the cabbage diet in many ways, but the most famous of them is through cabbage soup, which is easy to prepare and use, and it is prepared as follows:

Cabbage diet

Cabbage soup preparation – Cabbage diet ingredients:

  • Two and a half liters of water.
  • Two bunches of celery.
  • Four bell peppers.
  • Medium sized head of cabbage.
  • A kilo of tomatoes.
  • Four grains of carrots.
  • Green onion head.
  • Two cubes of chicken stock.
  • Salt and brown pepper.

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Method of preparation: The ingredients are cut in a medium size and put together in a pot with water. After boiling, reduce the heat and leave it for 10 minutes to boil on the fire. This is how the cabbage soup for the cabbage diet is ready.

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Cabbage diet recipe:

The cabbage diet recipe is applied for seven days as a diet in the following way:

The first day: cabbage soup is eaten in addition to some fruits, with the exception of bananas. Add to warm lemon juice without sugar.

The second day: eating cabbage soup with a large amount of vegetables, except for legumes, beans and potatoes.

The third day: eating cabbage diet soup with vegetables and fruits.

The fourth day: eating cabbage diet soup and 8 grains of banana distributed throughout the day for periods, with skim milk, and some hot drinks.

Fifth day: eat soup with 500 grams of meat and 6 tomatoes, in addition to hot drinks.

Sixth day: Cabbage soup with raw vegetables and a piece of grilled meat free of fat.

The seventh day: eat cabbage soup with chicken or fish and an unlimited amount of vegetables, in addition to hot vegetables.

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Important rules in the cabbage diet program:

1- You must give up bad eating habits while following the cabbage diet.

2- You should eat fat-free food, such as milk, yogurt or cheese.

3-Drink a large amount of water daily.

4- Drink green tea three times a day.

5- The cabbage diet causes headaches and dizziness due to the low calories in the body.

6- This diet causes the loss of a large amount of water and tissues from the body, such as muscle tissue.

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