Lemon and orange recipe for rumen slimming

Belly slimming diet recipe by – lemon and orange recipe

The citrus recipe or the lemon and orange recipe for rumen slimming is one of the best diets for getting rid of belly fat or rumen and waist circumference. It is an easy-to-prepare, healthy and devoid of any danger to the body.

The recipe for the rumen slimming diet with lemon and orange is a natural and easy Indian recipe, used a lot in India so that the girl can get rid of belly fat and become graceful and attractive, so we show you this natural recipe that consists of orange peel and lemon juice to get a wonderful and graceful texture and get rid of the rumen quickly.

Lemon and orange recipe

Lemon and orange recipe

Lemon and orange recipe ingredients to get rid of belly fat:

1- Get an orange peel.

2- Bring a lemon.

How to prepare the recipe:

Grate the orange peel well and then squeeze the lemon well, then bring water and put the grated orange peel in it and put lemon juice on it, then heat the water until it boils and then filter the water well from the grated orange peel, this water is drunk twice a day once a day Morning and once in the evening for a period of two or three weeks, and you will notice the loss of a large amount of belly fat and rumen.

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