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Treating cancer naturally with herbs

Cancer treatment: Cancer is an abnormal growth of a tissue of the body, so it affects different types of organs, and symptoms usually vary according to the affected organ or tissue. Invading and destroying nearby tissues or metastasizing to distant tissues via the blood or lymph system is called a malignant tumor.

Cancer cells are distinguished by their ability to penetrate and invade the surrounding normal tissues, and spread. If they reach a blood or lymph vessel, they break into it and travel with the blood or lymph stream to move to other distant organs and form malignant secondary tumors that have the same characteristics in terms of growth and the ability to spread, which delays treatment. cancer .

Symptoms of cancer are generally divided into three categories, as follows:

General symptoms: such as weight loss, general tiredness and exhaustion, loss of appetite, sweating, especially during the night.

Local symptoms: such as the appearance of a solid mass or changes in the shape of the outer skin surface.

Symptoms indicating spread: such as an enlargement of the various lymph nodes in the body or in the liver, or pain in the bones.
There are other symptoms that are not necessarily symptoms of a malignant disease, but at the same time they may be the first warning of malignancy and symptoms such as an unintentional weight loss exceeding 10% of the weight within 6 months.

Change in urination habits.

Runny nose or abnormal bleeding from the orifices of the body.

A lump or stuck anywhere in the body, especially the breast in women.

A cough that does not respond to treatment, especially if it is accompanied by hemoptysis.

Ulcers that do not respond to treatment within 20 days.

– Night sweats prolific and unnatural.

Cancer treatment with natural herbs:

Treatment of cancer with wormwood

The most famous and widespread types of cancer treatment are physical (radiation) or chemotherapy methods, but for most cancer cases, especially after the outbreak of the disease, they become ineffective or very slow and cause physical pain and psychological pain, for this reason there has been a lot of research that studies natural substances found in herbs And plants help in the treatment of cancer, and among the most well-known types of plants in the treatment of cancer are wormwood, olives and walnuts.

Treatment of cancer with wormwood plants:

The wormwood plant contains Artemisinin, a substance extracted from a type of wormwood “Sweet wormwood” or “Artemisia Annua” that has been used in Chinese medicine since ancient times, and it can kill 98% of lung cancer cells, 98% of breast cancer, and 100% of cancer. Leukemia.. in a period of less than 16 hours.


Wormwood plant – Artemisia Absinthum

In one of Hulda Clark’s famous recipes, Artemisia absinthum – wormwood is used in capsules to treat cancer, because it kills the parasites responsible for the disease. Cancer completely, and in this experiment it was shown that the herb has no effect on normal lung cells.

Artemisin was used in the past as an effective treatment for malaria, but now it has been proven that this treatment is also effective in fighting cancer, when scientists added some iron during this study, which later stuck to lung cells, especially those with cancer, the substance selectively attacked harmful cells leaving the cells intact without being affected.

See what the specialist Alaa Al-Sayed wrote about treating cancer with wormwood, in addition to Hulda Clark’s program to remove parasites and cancer with herbs.

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