A quick diet recipe for losing 20 kilograms

A quick and easy diet recipe that will make you lose 20 kilos

A diet recipe that is quick, simple in composition, and easy to prepare. It is used to lose weight by approximately 20 kilograms of belly fat, rumen, and buttocks. It is a completely natural drink recipe, and it is a very fast diet recipe.

The benefit of this recipe is to melt the fat around the rumen area and thus get rid of obesity in the rumen area so that you look more slender and also lose 20 kilos without any effort or harsh exercises and within a short period of time.

Quick diet recipe

Quick diet recipe

Quick diet recipe ingredients:

1- tablespoon of honey

2- 1 tablespoon of turmeric

3- One tablespoon of grated lemon

4- A cup of warm water

How to prepare: Mix all these ingredients to get the most delicious juice you may have tasted in your life, then drink it twice a day, the first on an empty stomach and the second right before bed.

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