Recipe slimming the rumen in 3 days

Recipe slimming rumen and abdomen in just 3 days

“Men’s Health” magazine recently published an ideal diet recipe that helps owners of “rumen” get rid of it, and the difference will appear during the first three days. This rumen slimming recipe is as follows:

The diet, which is called “detox”, depends on eating one kind of vegetables or fruits while drinking a large amount of lukewarm or warm water for several days.

Stomach slimming recipe

This rumen slimming recipe recommends a diet program that recommends eating fruits that do not contain a large amount of calories, such as red watermelon, strawberries, apples, kiwi and pears, and avoiding those that contain a lot of carbohydrates.

As for vegetables, it is preferable to eat leafy greens such as lettuce, celery, mint, spinach, broccoli, and cucumbers, carrots, and zucchini.

The magazine confirmed that when adopting one type of these foods, the rumen will shrink in size within 3 days and will appear clearly.

She pointed out that this “detox” recipe for rumen slimming has normal symptoms that people may suffer from, such as diarrhea, lethargy and permanent sweating due to the amount of water it contains, which helps to get rid of toxins and gases collected in the body.

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