Weight loss without diet – a recipe for burning fat

Losing weight without diet is very difficult, diet recipes may be necessary in order to lose weight, get the right body, get rid of fat and grease and burn them, but with our weight loss recipe without diet, which depends on a simple and easy-to-prepare natural mixture, it will enable you to Losing weight without diet or very harsh slimming recipes, the recipe is a drink you take before bed and works to break down and burn body fat and lose you about 10 kilograms within 30 days only and without dieting.

Weight loss without dieting

Weight loss without dieting

A recipe for losing weight without dieting may have a taste that is not very popular, but it is a very powerful recipe for fighting fat and grease, especially in the rumen, waist, buttocks, chest, legs and arms. By constantly consuming this drink, you will not be deprived of harsh dieting and hard dieting, so take this weight loss recipe with Some simple exercises, such as walking for half an hour, will lose you a lot of calories, about 1200 calories per day.
Recipe ingredients:
1- A clove of garlic
2- A tablespoon of honey
3- A spoonful of olive oil

How to prepare:
Mix the mixture well and eat it immediately before going to bed, while trying not to drink water after it

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