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The recipe for slimming the buttocks is an easy recipe to prepare and apply, so that many women suffer from the presence of excess fat and grease accumulated in the buttocks area, which causes many problems such as sagging and the body losing its balance and beauty, and feeling tired from that. As is the case for the rumen and waist circumference.

The recipe for slimming the buttocks burns the fat accumulated in the buttocks area and prevents the causes of its accumulation again, which is due to sitting for long periods and eating large amounts of calories in addition to lack of exercise, and consuming soft drinks and sugars a lot.

To get rid of fat and excess weight in the buttocks and thigh area, you should follow the following tips:

1- Exercising continuously, such as buttocks lifting exercises, lunges exercises, and leg weight lifting exercises. These exercises help you apply the recipe for losing the buttocks quickly and easily, because the buttocks and thighs are among the most accumulated areas of fat and delay in burning that fat due to their lack of use as vital muscles in the human body.

2- Eat a moderate portion of calories on a daily basis, not exceeding 500 calories, by avoiding eating fats, oils, sugars, sweets, soft drinks, industrial juices, and meat that contain a lot of fat.

Buttocks slimming recipe

Buttocks slimming recipe for Dr. Adel Abdel Aal:

Zucchini and green beans recipe:

1- Boil the zucchini with green beans
2- After boiling, mix the zucchini with the green beans
3- Then blend it in the form of juice
4- He drinks a cup of it before every meal.

Ginger and cinnamon recipe

1- One cup of water
2- A spoonful of ground ginger
3- One tablespoon of ground cinnamon
It is made like tea, boiled and drunk before each meal.

In addition to making a salad consisting of vegetables such as: radishes – watercress – onions – garlic – and a green salad, and eating more of them before each meal.

Herbs for slimming the buttocks:

1- Recipe for slimming the buttocks with ginger and mint:

(Ginger + fresh mint + half a lemon) It is placed inside a bottle, poured with boiling water, left for an hour, and drunk three cups per day for a month.

2- Recipe for slimming the buttocks with sage, chamomile and rosemary:

Two spoonfuls of sage + two spoonfuls of chamomile + two spoonfuls of rosemary.

3- Cumin recipe:
Soak a little cumin in boiling water with a lemon cut into rings, leave it overnight and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.

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