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Slimming with herbs is one of the popular methods for treating excess weight and getting rid of excess fat in the body. Many people resort to herbal slimming methods because they are convinced that traditional medicine still has a major role in treating many diseases, including obesity and getting rid of and burning calories.

Slimming with medicinal herbs and folk recipes is a means whose importance and effectiveness must be recognized despite the development of science, medicine and modern means of treatment. There are people who cannot apply a system of exercise to lose weight, so slimming with herbs is one of the means that must not be denied in the world of combating obesity.

  Herbal slimming

Herbal slimming recipes

This group of medicinal herbs that are used in the field of herbal slimming, namely cinnamon, ginger, green tea, flax seeds and ginseng, we deny all of their positives and negatives, knowing that we must consult a specialist doctor before using popular recipes because of the health risks they may bear in In the absence of sufficient knowledge of how to use it.

1- Cinnamon
Cinnamon is anti-fungal and anti-parasitic, and it is an excellent source of dietary fiber, iron and calcium, and it lowers the level of sugar in the blood. blood sugar

They also add a sweet flavor to foods, which can help discourage cravings for sweet foods. It has also been shown to help transport fats from the liver so that the body can use them for energy, increase the rate of fat metabolism and burn them more easily, and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL). Hence, it may play a major role in reducing appetite and combating body fat, and thus helping to lose weight.

Side effects: Although the use of cinnamon may be safe, in some cases we have to pay attention and avoid regular and excessive use of it, as this may lead to a drop in blood pressure, and it may also pose a danger to a pregnant or breastfeeding woman or to people who suffer from allergies. Of which.

2- Ginger:
Ginger is one of the herbs for slimming and it is one of the healthy foods that are effective in losing weight. It allows blood vessels to dilate and thus helps improve blood circulation, and this can significantly boost metabolism. Studies show that by eating ginger, people lose up to 20% more fat than those who don’t.

Among the many health benefits of ginger:
It contains a high percentage of fiber, thus facilitating bowel movements and helping to lower blood cholesterol levels.
Helps prevent stomach ulcers by promoting mucus secretion.
It improves and aids digestion, as it contains enzymes that act as catalysts for proteins to secrete digestive enzymes and increase the acidity of the stomach.
Ginger is used to prevent nausea, especially morning sickness when pregnant.

Side effects: Although ginger helps relieve nausea, eating a lot of it also has the opposite effect, as it may cause nausea.

3- Green tea:
It is the most famous in the world of slimming with medicinal herbs, and this is not due to its ability to produce urine as much as some people think. This is not related to burning and losing fat, but rather because most researches have proven its role and influence in accelerating and enhancing metabolism and burning fat in the body.

Green tea contains compounds called antioxidants, a class of antioxidants that have been associated with an increase in metabolism and the ability to stimulate fat burning. The factors responsible for the increase in metabolism in green tea are probably the caffeine and polyphenols present in the tea leaves, and also because it contains substances called catechins, which are phytochemicals that affect the metabolism.. In this context, one study indicated a decrease in 4.6% of body weight in clinical trials over a period of more than three months on 70 subjects who took green tea extract.

Side effects: Green tea can relieve water retention, as it is a diuretic and contains caffeine, and for this reason it may also not be recommended for those suffering from dehydration or patients with high blood pressure. It is worth noting that if it is taken in excess, it may cause diarrhea and nervousness.

4- Flaxseed:
Flaxseeds contain a high amount of fiber and a low amount of carbohydrates (sugar). Hence, it has become included among the herbs for weight loss and is included in weight reduction plans, while the fat content in flaxseeds is ultimately high, but it is a good fat for the body, and this is what made it An excellent choice both for health and for weight loss.

Flaxseeds, in addition to fiber, contain a mucilage, and when soaked in water and eaten, it helps to fill the stomach and thus a sense of satiety and reduce the amount of food eaten during the day.

Flaxseeds help reduce the risk of heart disease, as science has proven. It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and fibers that are beneficial for promoting heart health, reducing blood pressure, and lowering bad cholesterol in the body. Its peel has also been proven to have a major role in fighting and preventing cancer.

5- Ginseng:
Ginseng is considered one of the medicinal herbs for slimming that helps to increase the secretion of energy in the body and stamina, and thus fight fatigue and exhaustion, and thus may help you increase your activity rate and do the necessary physical activity necessary to lose weight, in addition to what research has proven in its role in reducing blood sugar levels Thus helping to lose weight, and it, like cinnamon, also helps in transferring fat from the liver so that the body can use it to obtain energy, increase metabolic rates in the body, and reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.

This is a group of herbal slimming recipes, we hope that you have benefited from it enough to be able to get rid of excess fat and calories in your bodies, and lose weight.

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