A new vaccine that gives hope to skin cancer patients is awaiting FDA approval

New therapeutic hope and promise for skin cancer patients
New therapeutic hope for skin cancer patients

Moderna launched a new statement carrying promising and positive details, especially for skin cancer patients, regarding a new vaccine that the company is currently studying, so what is this statement?

Moderna said Wednesday that its experimental mRNA skin cancer vaccine in combination with Keytruda, which is made by Merck & Co Inc, has been approved by the FDA as an experimental novel add-on treatment for patients with stage-stage melanoma. advanced.

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And this decision was reached by the FDA according to the data and results of a study that was done on the vaccine, which shows that this vaccine helped reduce the risk of skin cancer returning again or death due to this cancer by 44% compared to using Keytruda alone, which is considered a new hope in The journey to treat skin cancer and reduce the rate of its recurrence, but the drug is still being studied.

The FDA’s decision also aims to speed up the development and review of drugs intended for the treatment of serious conditions, and the companies involved in making this drug have stated their plans to start a new study this year, including skin cancer patients at a late stage, to see the effect of this drug for these cases.

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