Nasal spray approved to treat migraine pain in a short time

Migraine sprayThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new treatment for acute migraine, which is “zavegepant” or commercially as “Zavzpret”. In only about 15 minutes!

The idea of ​​​​the spray is based on blocking the peptide associated with the calcitonin gene, known as CGRP, which is a protein produced in the brain that is related to inflammation, and although there are many pills that prevent this protein as well, but some people suffer from nausea, and taking pills is difficult. on them.

This spray is also distinguished as an alternative for people with heart disease, or any medical conditions that may prevent them from using migraine treatments, in addition to that it does not cause headaches resulting from frequent use, as is the case with other medicines.

It is worth noting that the expectations are that the drug will be offered in pharmacies during July of this year, after studies showed the superiority of the spray, whether in patients not feeling pain two hours after using it, or its superiority in treating most cases under study, as it proved successful in 13 cases out of 17. case, compared to placebo.

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