Historic day in genetics: April 25, 1953

Scheme of depicting the structure of chromosomes and their wrapping, as well as the structure of genetic material in the chemical structure of the DNA helix

An issue of a well-known scientific journal has been published Nature on April 25, 1953, and contained seminal articles that greatly influenced the history of genetics. In that issue, Watson and Crick published a one-page article entitled “Structure of Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid,” in which they modeled the chemical structure of DNA they had discovered. In that important article they wrote: “It did not escape our attention that the special and special double connections we assumed immediately imply the possibility of a method of cloning genetic material.” “Our general knowledge of the unpublished results of the experiments. We were intrigued by the ideas of Wilkins, Franklin and their colleagues at Imperial College London. Watson and Crick cited earlier articles by Pauling, Shargaff, Astbury, and Wilkins in the search bibliography.

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Diagram of DNA structureDNA: As stated in the article by Watson and Crick

In the same issue of Nature in April 1953, Rosalind Franklin and Gosling published the results of X-ray diffraction imaging of DNA and attached photographs that fit Watson and Crick’s model of the chemical structure of DNA. Wilkins also published an important paper on the experimental results of studies of the molecular structure of DNA, in which he noted that the structure of this DNA is very similar in living organisms, regardless of its source, as shown by the results of the studies. fish sperm, calf tissues and some viruses.