20 Diet Foods That Can Make You Fat

About 39 percent of adults worldwide are overweight, and nutrition foods and beverages marketed by global companies with labels such as “low fat,” “low calorie,” or “fat free” appear to target overweight people in particular. They look forward to losing weight, which leads to the opposite result, that is, they gain weight instead of losing it.

In this context, a study conducted by researchers at the American Yale University showed that diet food and drinks increase weight, and the reason for this is attributed to the fact that the brain can miscalculate the number of calories contained in these foods. Which causes the body to suffer from a decrease in the percentage of energy needed for movement, which leads a person to laziness and stick to laziness, so fat accumulates and weight increases.

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Diet foods that cause weight gain

There are many diet foods and drinks that are classified as healthy, but they actually lead to weight gain, and we review the following 20 of them:
1- Smoothies
These are thick juices that can be made from one type of fruit or vegetable or a mixture of several types. Honey, sugar, dairy products, chocolate and nuts are often added to these juices, which contain more carbohydrates and carbohydrates. more calories, leading to weight gain.

2- Low-fat milk
Milk contains fats that enhance the taste of food, but when these fats are removed to reduce the number of calories in it, sugar is added to improve its taste, which increases the amount of energy in it and thus helps to gain extra pounds. .

3- Fresh juices
Many people turn to drinking fresh juices made from fruits and vegetables or a mixture of them to improve health or lose weight, but regular consumption of fresh fruit juices contributes to the intake of more calories, which leads to weight gain over time.

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4- Industrial sweeteners
They became popular, prompting people to adopt them as healthy sweeteners for weight loss instead of white sugar, but the surprise came when a number of studies showed that these products, often touted as healthy and weight-loss products, can cause long-term weight gain because they are simply resistance to the hormone insulin, which promotes fat storage and weight gain. Furthermore, a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Journal in mid-July 2017 found that consuming artificial sweeteners on a regular basis can cause Imbalance in terms of metabolic processes, and therefore the occurrence of health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

5- Cereal chips are low in calories
Many people turn to these cereal chips for breakfast to lose weight, and it’s true that these foods are low in calories, but they’re often loaded with sugar and lack the protein and healthy fats that help you feel satisfied.

6- Dry
100 grams of these fruits provide more calories than their fresh counterparts of the same weight, but since the dried ones seem smaller than their fresh counterparts, we usually resort to consuming more of them, which forces us to fill our bodies with extra calories. which contribute to weight gain.

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7- Canned diet food
They are tempting foods that attract people to them, but the problem with them is that most of them are unhealthy and contain artificial sweeteners, bad fats and preservatives that harm the body.

8- Fragrant coffee
The caffeine in coffee is known to act as a mild appetite suppressant, which causes many people to drink a certain amount of coffee while trying to lose weight, and this may apply to regular coffee, but not to flavored coffee with sugar, milk, etc. cream is added, which contains copious amounts of calories, which hinders weight loss efforts.

9- Ready salad
Salad is often an ideal solution for weight loss, provided that it is prepared at home and its ingredients are carefully studied. When it comes to ready-to-eat salad, it’s a very different matter, as it usually contains items high in fat and calories. promote weight gain instead of losing it.

10- Protein bars
Many people depend on nutritious protein bars for instant energy, but some types of these bars can be full of sugars, artificial ingredients and calories that add weight.

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11- Diet soda
Diet soda is considered a health drink because it contains zero calories, but research shows that it leads to weight gain, not weight loss.

12. Granola
It is a breakfast food that has many health benefits as it contains grains, nuts, seeds and coconut, but the problem with this ready-to-eat breakfast is that it is loaded with added sugars that contribute to weight gain, so it is recommended to consume : make homemade granola to control his vocabulary so he stays healthy and doesn’t get fat.

13- Sports drinks
It’s good for athletes and anyone who does long, intense workouts, but it’s not necessary for the average person because it’s loaded with sugar, which provides calories that contribute to weight gain.

Additionally, any type of sugary drink can raise your blood sugar levels, which can lead to insulin resistance and therefore weight gain.

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14. The Peanut Butter Diet
It is true that it contains less fat and calories than its regular peanut butter, but the bad thing is that it contains unhealthy fats in addition to sugar, which promotes weight gain, so natural peanut butter should be chosen without unnecessary additives.
15- Low calorie spices
These low-calorie condiments, like salad dressing and ketchup, are a hidden source of added sugar that can contribute to weight gain.
16. “Healthy” dessert
Many candies are marketed as healthy alternatives to calorie-dense traditional sweets. Although they contain fewer calories than traditional sweets, they can be filled with sugar, sugar substitutes, fat, and artificial ingredients that can contribute to weight gain.
17- Low-fat food
Many people try to cut out high-fat foods in favor of foods that are low in fat to lose weight, but research shows that this behavior can backfire because they can contain more sugar than they should. the usual example. leading to weight gain, high blood sugar, and an increased risk of heart disease.

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18- Frozen yogurt
This is a popular dessert that is considered healthier than ice cream, but there are two problems with this type of yogurt: the first problem is that people tend to consume more of it, arguing that it is healthier and therefore more weight. are collecting. The second problem is that it can be stuffed with less additives, it is said to be unhealthy and high in calories.
19- Sushi
Sushi can be a healthy or unhealthy food based on the ingredients it contains. They can be unhealthy and high in calories that add weight. It is preferable to choose sushi rolls that include healthy ingredients such as fresh vegetables, avocado, fresh fish or grilled shrimp. , and fiber-rich brown rice.
20- Coconut water
It is one of the most natural drinks that people take and it is characterized by the fact that it contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but it contains sugar and calories, so you should not overdo it because it can add weight.
In conclusion, studies and research have shown that dieting is not the best way to lose weight and that it is very important to choose healthy, whole and fresh foods and stay away from processed and processed foods, especially because: weight loss requires achieving a balance between total calories consumed and calories burned.

21 Diet Foods That Can Make You Gain Weight

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