A healthy body – How does the Arab diet cause obesity?

The body has a plan, if you fill it with equal quantities of water, air and food, if one of them exceeds the other, its balance will be disturbed!

One of the most incorrect habits among Arabs is their way of eating.

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We often see an increase in obesity in society and the spread of related diseases, such as diabetes and blood pressure, in addition to joint and thyroid diseases.
Where the main reason is due to the wrong diet and the way meals are distributed. Many tend to add fats and sugars extensively to their system, ignoring the negatives and harms they contain, as well as fast food, which is the greatest danger to a healthy body. Where these meals lack dietary fiber and beneficial minerals, and are limited to fats that increase weight uselessly!

And there are many who replace one or more meals with these harmful foods, followed by soft drinks full of sugar.

Here we see how the Arab diet in particular lacks healthy food and minerals, so that most of the nutritional advice that is given is wrong, especially the number of calories for each type, and the lack of exercise, which has a great benefit in getting rid of accumulated fat and maintaining a healthy body. Which leads to unwanted weight gain and health damage.

Trying to switch the diet to a vegetarian one may be a good idea, as the body also derives protein and iron from legumes in parallel, but do not forget meat lovers and those who are allergic to grains or legumes. Meat can be eaten the size of the palm of the hand, which is the appropriate amount for a meal

  • carbohydrates It equals only 300-500 grams
  • proteins 60-70 gr.
  • Fats From 60-70 grams only


The amount of calories must be taken into account, which is the amount of energy that we need from food, and the amount of calories that the body needs ranges between 2000 to 3000 Its calories, and this difference in the body’s need for calories is due to the difference in body weight and the different activities that each person performs, to maintain a balanced and healthy body free from diseases

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