Causes of Fatal Lung Diseases Due to E-Cigarette Use

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Causes of Fatal Lung Diseases Due to E-Cigarette Use

After a period of panic over a rare lung disease caused by smoking e-cigarettes, 805 people were previously reported to have contracted acute lipoid pneumonia and 13 people were declared dead as a result of the disease.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” found out that toxic substances have been found that cause people to die from smoking e-cigarettes, as e-cigarettes sold on the black market have been proven to contain cannabis, in addition to toxic hydrogen cyanide, and this. Health panics have been caused by smoking-related deaths and the emergence of rare diseases that affect the lungs.

And “Daily Mail” noted that 18 containers of e-liquid containing the toxic substance THC, which is the main psychoactive compound found in marijuana, were tested.

The paper noted that e-liquid or e-cigarette products purchased legally do not contain heavy metals or pesticides and have no connection to the rare disease causing panic.

And “Daily Mail” notes that 13 of the 15 boxes bought from unlicensed dealers were found to contain vitamin E, which damages the lungs when vaporized and inhaled, and “Myclobutanil” insecticide, which turns into hydrogen cyanide when burned. a chemical that reduces oxygen levels, causing suffocation and death within minutes.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 805 people in the US have been sickened by vaping and 13 people have died in 10 states where black market cannabis pens containing hydrogen cyanide have been found.

The Daily Mail report follows the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) latest report on fume-related illnesses in the US, which have killed 13 Americans and sickened more than 805 people.

We’re back and here’s a reminder of what we warned about earlier… You should use regulated and authorized e-liquids and never risk using homemade or illegal e-liquids or adding other substances to them.

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