Ramadan diet (Al-Ghandour diet) Lose 10 kilos during Ramadan fasting with Suhoor, breakfast and night meal

Following is a description of a diet called “Al-Ghandour Diet”, which is a diet designed to suit the month of Ramadan, and is suitable for those who stay awake all night until Suhoor more than others because it contains a meal after midnight. This diet aims to lose ten kilos during the month of Ramadan. Also read Ramadan food.

The first stage of breakfast will be immediately after the Maghrib call to prayer. Its ingredients are as follows: A cup of moderate water + 3 grains of dates, divided into two halves, so that the number becomes 6 slices + A small bowl of oatmeal or its equivalent.

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The second stage of breakfast is after Tarawih prayer, its ingredients are as follows: One glass of juice only + 2 pieces of samosa dough, divided into two halves, and it is preferable to cook them in the oven + the Maine plate.

Ingredients for main course or breakfast

  • Medium size, divided into three sections, as shown in the picture. Half of the plate is salad, a quarter of the plate is carbohydrates, and a quarter of the plate is protein.
  • Green salad without exaggerated additives fills the body with vitamins and reduces appetite.
  • Protein is meat, fish, chicken, or other protein, about the size of the inside of your palm.
  • Carbohydrates 6 to 8 tablespoons of rice or pasta, a quarter of a loaf of brown bread, or a serving of baked or mashed potatoes.

The light night meal between breakfast and suhoor at one in the morning, its ingredients are: a small piece of sweet the size of a box of matches, or two medium-sized fruits, except for bananas and mangoes, or a simple serving of nuts.

Suhoor in Ramadan is a green salad or low-fat yogurt, and a choice of one item between carbohydrates or protein, according to the portion explained above.

  • Make sure to drink a sufficient amount of water and distribute it throughout the iftar period, from sunset to the dawn call, from 6 to 8 cups per day.
  • Sport 45 minutes a day.
  • Drink green and herbal tea.
  • Drink water with lemon.
  • Eat green vegetables in any quantity when feeling hungry.
  • Eating with a fork instead of a spoon.

The calories of the most important meals and foods in the month of Ramadan that you must know:

  • Fried samosas 110 calories.
  • Kibbeh is 180 calories.
  • Qatayef 200 calories.
  • Plain dates 15 calories.
  • One glass of juice has 120 calories.
  • Jelly dish 140 calories.
  • Custard 200 calories.
  • Water is zero calories.
  • Tea and coffee 10 calories.

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