Sensitive, anxious, fearful and hesitant.. Please help me

How can I get rid of my sensitive personality, because I’m tired of myself and I’m always afraid that something unknown will happen, which caused my fear and my lack of experience and experience, and I always hesitate and don’t know; how to take my right and exhausted, but with the repetition of the situation, everything will improve.. Help me, please.

my dear

Let me tell you, what you’re perfecting is more common than you realize, and you may be carrying features of social phobia (I certainly can’t diagnose it by letter), but what you describe has many characteristics of social phobia. It begins with our first and foremost realization that not everything I say or do has to be perfect and perfect, but rather that I do it with all my energy and effort.

Don’t think that you are the center of the universe and that the attention is on you, and I know you will say no, I don’t think of myself as such, but I would like to surprise you on the contrary, at least yours. The subconscious mind thinks so, so it always strives to be better and not to disappoint those around it, and that it is in the spotlight, so it has to be the best. This perception is very wrong, and let me ask you to start seeing yourself as you see others;

  • You focus on each of them.
  • Do you criticize them as much as you criticize yourself?
  • You forgive yourself and Thtonon with them as you do with others.

I mentioned a very important point, my sensitivity and the pressure of the situation on me decreases with the repetition of the situation. So, repeat the situation, but of course not in a realistic way, but practice it. I invite you to list the situations you want to change, rank them from lowest to highest, and then practice these situations every day. their integrity and put yourself into what you want to change. One of the most amazing things is that the mind does not distinguish whether this act is an imaginary, mental act or an actual physical act. Therefore, let’s take advantage of this feature and program ourselves and expose ourselves to situations and experiences such as: as possible, and thus sensitivity and emotion will gradually decrease. Start with these steps and I am sure you will get the result little by little.

May you be well..

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