Home sports slimming devices and the most famous types

Many people suffer from overweight and obesity, which causes many diseases, and due to the lack of time and the preoccupations of life, one of us cannot commit to performing exercises, whether in the club or performing exercises outside the home, such as running and others.
Home gym equipment comes as a good solution to this problem, as it allows a person to perform exercise in his home at the time he wants.

There are many types of home sports devices, such as treadmills, treadmills, home bicycles, climbing devices, vibration devices, abdominal exercises, and many other devices.
Perhaps the best of these devices are:

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Flying deer device

We start with the Flying Deer device, which is one of the latest home sports devices, which are called aerobic treadmills and are characterized by providing low-impact exercises on the joints and knees because they do not require the user to bend his feet during the exercise.
The Flying Deer device comes at a low price between 200-500 Saudi riyals, and it is very popular in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, and other countries, as it is also famous in Western countries, and the device has high sales on the global Amazon store.

Elliptical device

The elliptical device also provides low-impact exercises on the knees and joints. It operates in an elliptical motion that does not require the user to bend their knees when pedaling. In addition, this device is one of the best devices for tightening the body, rearranging and distributing fats throughout the body in an ideal way.

The elliptical machine also provides great calorie burning and is an effective device for losing weight at a rate of up to 3 kilograms per month. The price of elliptical devices ranges from 200 to 1000 US dollars, and the higher the quality of the device and the more features and functions it provides, the higher the price of the device.

Electric treadmill

The treadmill is one of the best sports devices to maintain the level of physical fitness and heart health, as well as to lose weight and burn calories, as it works to raise the level of physical fitness and burn calories at a high rate of up to 400 calories per hour.

The device works to lose weight at a rate of up to 4 kilograms per month. Electric treadmills are among the high-priced devices, as the price of cheap ones is approximately 1200 Saudi riyals (300 dollars), and high-quality professional devices reach 8000 Saudi riyals (2300 dollars).

In the end, all of these devices give excellent results in slimming and burning fats, as well as in tightening the body and getting rid of flabs, but this is related to the trainee’s commitment to exercising on the device continuously for a period between 30 to 60 minutes a day or 3 times a week, provided that the trainee has the willingness to work to achieve the goal What he wants, by observing the way he eats and making sure that he eats what he needs without increasing the food, so that the rate of calories he burns is greater than the rate of calories he eats per day, and thus he gets a healthy and ideal body.

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