He only argued with me because I met someone else. Is this normal?

I’m in university and there’s a guy in my class who’s my friend, for months he slowly started flirting until we became close friends and he started sharing all his details with me and didn’t stop talking, I got really close and when I I took a step back, he stopped me under the pretext that he doesn’t want space between us and that he wants to talk to me every time. One day, how important my existence is in his life. While we were talking, I told him that I went somewhere and saw an old classmate there, and since then he has changed 180 degrees. I tried asking 3 times and his response was cold and now he is deliberately ignoring me. college and deals with everyone but me… Why did this change?

my dear

Thank God so much for this post. In a relationship relationship, there are signs that both or one of them sometimes ignore or neglect, and this is a sign for the fate of the relationship, or what it will lead to and its consequences. psychological well-being, or children if the marriage takes place but is lost in the rubble of taking advantage of the situation or fear. He “lost” that state according to each person and his past history, his communication and thinking about himself, others. and life.

And what happened to him is one of those important strong signs. So look at me calmly and slowly. it comes out to take up more space; Feel his presence and importance to you and press into it, not respecting the natural speed of intimacy in a way that comforts you and helps make the relationship a relationship with real roots that takes time with the spectrum in its natural stages. about the feelings and events it carries, and when he just knows information that contradicts the “image” he creates and puts in his head of you, just like the image he creates and puts in his head of a man and a woman about relationships. that has a certain shape, dose, and speed, and something changes about it, even small or simple, that stirs his perceptions and feelings that turn everything between you upside down. He changes, punishes, ignores, as if nothing happened.

And it will most likely be either a punishment for you to associate with a man, both normal and unnatural; You will get a message, even if he doesn’t make it clear. That there is no other man in your life but me to deal with, so much so that we have found women complaining of arguments with their husbands when buying things from a man in a supermarket or a guard or a neighbor for very natural reasons, not to mention relatives, or , that these actions are due to the doubts that he carries in his head, because of his past history, and come up with the simplest reason. Either way, whether it’s these two possibilities or the others, you’ve discovered that this is his childish way of controlling his irresponsible behavior, behind which lies a more difficult mindset, and life has choices, and every choice has a price.

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