Zumba dance for weight loss, is it real? And what are its benefits

Zumba dance for weight loss, is it effective in losing fat quickly, as is commonly believed? The Zumba dance is one of the modern dances that originated from South America, especially from the country of Colombia in the nineties of the last century. A mixture suitable for many cultures. The dance was used in the beginning as a kind of group celebration, but it was found that it helps to lose fat quickly for those who adhere to it. Learn about the benefits of Zumba dancing and its effectiveness in losing fat.

Benefits of Zumba dance for weight loss

  • Zumba dances help increase the rate of burning calories in the body, and thus increase the chance of losing fat and getting a slim body in a short time.
  • Improve the shape and coordination of the body and help you build a better shape of the muscles, as it works as an aid to sculpting the body.
  • It promotes cardiovascular health because it falls under cardio exercises, which help increase the heart rate and thus maintain its health.
  • One of the sports that can be used in psychotherapy, as it helps to get rid of stress, anxiety, and problems related to thinking, improves mood better, helps increase focus, alertness, and the ability to perform daily activities in a better way, and improves cognitive and mental functions in children.

Types of zumba dance

Zumba Fitness

They are traditional dance movements through which it is not possible to focus on operating certain muscles of the body without others, but rather all the muscles of the body are moved with light, non-intensive movements, which give the body fitness and flexibility, and this type can be practiced at home without the need for a coach.

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Zumba sculpting

Dancing aims to shape certain muscles in the body with a redistribution of fat, and it focuses on specific muscles according to the muscle that you want to sculpt and adjust its shape, and in this type of dance you must be subject to the supervision of a trainer.

Kids zumba

It is Zumba classes intended for children accompanied by a private coach or trainer. It does not focus on specific muscles, and its main goal is to increase physical fitness and flexibility of the body’s muscles.

Aqua Zumba

It is a modern type of Zumba that takes place in groups under water and has special dances.

Zumba Senato

In this type of dance, we use a chair to focus on body balance exercises and focus on specific muscles in the body.

Zumba steps

Certain dances are designed to strengthen and draw the muscles of the thighs and lower legs and rely on fast, powerful movements of the legs.

golden zumba

It is very similar to traditional Zumba or fitness Zumba, but it is directed to large age groups or the elderly.

Zumba golden sculpture

It is also directed at the elderly, but it is considered a next stage to the stage of fitness, and it focuses on strengthening specific muscles such as the muscles of the thighs, legs, back, or even the abdominal muscles.

Is it possible to practice Zumba at home?

Zumba or Zumba dance is like any other sport that can be practiced at home, but it will not be the same degree of professionalism that you acquire if you train in a group. If the goal is only to gain physical fitness, it can be practiced easily at home, but if you hope to return Drawing the shape of your body muscles by dancing Zumba, then you need to practice with a group.

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