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Written by: Nidal Zomlot

Sleeve gastrectomy in America / cost, doctors, clinics, and more, we will mention it to you in this article, as the sleeve gastrectomy is considered among the best options for people who want to lose weight in the ideal way without any side effects or health complications, and its results are continuous. For a long time, your history of operations goes back Gastric sleeve Until the beginning of the year 2010, and the public health organization included it in one of the lists of reliable surgeries for the treatment of obesity.

  • As for individuals who complain of excessive obesity (body mass index more than forty-five), they are the ones who are exposed to health risks during any surgery.
  • When the anesthesia period increases, the health risks increase, so the sleeve gastrectomy operation is the only and correct solution, as it indirectly treats obesity.
  • The operation reduces the size of the stomach, which contributes to a decrease in the sense of hunger, and thus a decrease in the amount of food that the body takes in, as well as a decrease in calories, and this is what eventually causes the burning of accumulated fats and also works to enhance the metabolism process.
  • America is among the most advanced countries in the field of special operations in plastic surgery, so many researches can be conducted every year in order to discover all that is new in plastic surgery techniques and repairing physical defects, so the demand for plastic surgeries increases.

There are many benefits of gastric sleeve surgery in obese patients, including:

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  • Decreased sense of hunger due to decreased secretion of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for the sensation of hunger.
  • The person obtains quick results compared to the gastric band operation.
  • The bowel is not rerouted during the sleeve gastrectomy.
  • This process is not affected in any way by the digestion process or the functions of the digestive system.
  • It does not require any surgical follow-up.
  • No foreign bodies are entered into the body, unlike gastric band or gastric balloon operations.

Cost varies Sleeve gastrectomy In America, according to the site, many people can be present, as it may increase in many states compared to other states, and the prices of sleeve gastrectomy are increasing compared to the prices of the gastric band operation, and even its cost is less than the gastric bypass operation. In general, the cost of sleeve gastrectomy in America ranges from 10 thousand US dollars to thirty thousand US dollars.

The states with the lowest prices for sleeve gastrectomy in America:

  • Oklahoma City at $9,000.
  • Nebraska is $11.50.
  • Arkansas is at $12,000.

The United States has the highest price for gastric sleeve surgery in America:

  • Massachusetts at $30,000.
  • Idaho at $25,000.
  • Wyoming, $22,500.

The medical centers in which gastric sleeve surgery can be performed are spread across all US states, with the price varying according to the doctor’s expertise as well as the amount of residence. In the following lines, we will mention to you the best medical centers for gastric sleeve in America:

  • Erie County Medical Center
  • Saint Charles Hospital
  • st. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center
  • st. Peter’s Hospital

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Weight gain occurs through two main things:

The first: reducing the stomach

  • Sleeve gastrectomy is considered among the normal operations that reduce the size of the stomach, and thus works to reduce the amount of food and calories consumed by the individual, which causes weight loss.
  • After the sleeve gastrectomy, the person cannot take the amount of food they used to take before.

The second: controlling appetite hormones

  • It works to reduce appetite, and this is because the removal of many parts of the stomach is caused by chemical changes in the body, which reduces the size of the appetite.
  • Hormones such as leptin and ghrelin are involved in appetite as well as energy homeostasis and may be associated with obesity.
  • The gastric sleeve surgery affects hormones in the digestive system, for example, ghrelin, which is known as the hunger hormone, which suppresses appetite, increases satiety, and improves blood sugar control.

The sleeve gastrectomy process is classified under the item called surgeries for the treatment of obesity, and it varies and is divided into many types according to the individual, health condition, goal weight, and desire for it.

In the following lines, we will mention to you the successful and famous methods related to the sleeve gastrectomy:

The first way

In the beginning, the stomach must be cut and a longitudinal tube left within it that can be connected between the duodenum and the esophagus. This is among the famous and successful types of sleeve gastrectomy.

The second way

  • The cut is made from the upper part of the stomach, and then the small intestine is cut, and then tied to the top of the stomach.
  • Thus, the amount of food in the stomach and absorbed by the body is reduced by entering the undigested food into the small intestine immediately after it is taken.
  • Food is not absorbed and exited from the body, while the amount of food that is in the stomach and absorbed in the natural way decreases.

The third method

  • A hole is made in the middle of the stomach, and then the stomach is closed around it.
  • Then the stomach is tied from the vertical side of the hole in the middle side to its top.
  • The doctor reduces the horizontal side that is close to the esophagus.
  • The part of the stomach that pours food into the esophagus becomes narrow and small.
  • The result is that the food moves from it to the bottom in small amounts, and then it works to reduce the size of the person’s meals.

Fourth method

  • It is done by placing a band around the upper part of the stomach in order to reduce its size.
  • It works to reduce the amount of food that you absorb, so when food increases, it is natural to cause expansion in the stomach.
  • But when this ligament is present, it impedes it from stretching, which makes the individual feel full and full, and also prevents eating large quantities than normal.

The sleeve gastrectomy usually takes many hours according to its type as well as the patient’s health condition, and the method for performing the operation is divided into two types:

The first type: natural

  • A surgical incision is made in the abdomen, after which the stomach is gagged and the incision is closed afterwards.
  • This type is not preferred by all people, especially women, because it works to leave a large scar in the incision area and requires a plastic surgery to treat it.

The second type: sleeve gastrectomy without surgery

  • Done Sleeve gastrectomy By making very few incisions in the abdomen, and then entering the surgical laparoscope through which the operation is performed.
  • The doctor uses general anesthesia, and it is a priority. At first, the doctor performs the operation through a medical binocular.
  • In many cases, the doctor may have to make surgical incisions.
  • The doctor reaches the stomach, then treats its tissues, then cuts the part he wants to remove, and then closes the remaining part.
  • In many cases, the doctor removes the gallbladder to prevent stones from leaving, and at other times, stones can be treated through medication without removing the gallbladder.
  • When the operation is over, these incisions are closed, like normal small surgeries, and its advantages over the previous type at the beginning and from the aesthetic point of view afterwards in terms of the speed of recovery as well as recovery after the operation.

The sleeve gastrectomy process is among the ideal solutions for individuals who complain of obesity and who want to lose a large amount of weight quickly, and this process is not suitable for individuals whose weight increases from ten to twenty kilograms, and among the important conditions that What the patient must have before performing the sleeve gastrectomy are:

  • The patient’s age must be between eighteen and sixty-five years.
  • Your body mass index (BMI) is over thirty-five.

Preparing for sleeve gastrectomy requires a person to be regular in many matters, as well as interested in many things that we will mention to you in the following lines, and among the important things that he should pay attention to are:

  • The patient should be psychologically qualified, and also be aware that this process will completely change the system and routine of life from the above.
  • The process and its results will push the person to get rid of the old methods and ways of eating food and follow healthy and modern life systems.
  • When the patient is not ready for it, he can become traumatized or depressed because of the great change in the body.
  • Beginning to exercise before the operation, and this is because the person will be forced to make it part of the day after the operation, so it is advised to start with it gradually.
  • The person must change the eating habits, the process will reduce the amount of food he takes, so the person needs to get used to nutritious as well as healthy consumption and immediately stop feeling full.
  • Avoid foods that are full of fats and sugars, because the person after the operation will not find any place in his small stomach.
  • Many vitamins must be taken so that the body does not suffer from a lack of them and a deficiency in the functions that depend on it.
  • It is also advised to drink plenty of water.
  • Quit smoking immediately before the sleeve gastrectomy, as well as stop taking medications that thin the blood.
  • When the patient takes any kind of medication, the doctor must be told about it and asked if there is a need to stop it during the procedure.
  • One day before the operation, you should stay away from fatty foods and large quantities, and it is recommended to focus on drinking water and fluids.
  • Completely stop taking food after midnight before the operation, and this is because the individual must undergo the operation on an empty stomach.

Choosing the best sleeve gastrectomy doctor depends on selecting several main criteria that must be taken into account, as well as the presence of a doctor who is a source of confidence and comfort for the patient, with many previous successful experiences in order to perform the operation and the beginning of discussion with him.

  • The person’s health condition must be discussed with the doctor, when he is complaining of many persistent or permanent diseases, so it is necessary for the doctor to know about it in order for him to be fully aware of his health condition.
  • Discussion as well as about the types of various quantitative operations, as well as discussing with him about which of the types will be suitable and preferred for him.
  • The patient should be frank with the doctor, tell him his overall goals and expectations, make the speech close to reality, and let the doctor contribute to the person.
  • Most importantly, you must discuss with the doctor with complete clarity the risks related to the sleeve gastrectomy and its positive as well as negative results after this operation.
  • It is necessary for the person to be fully aware of what he is about to do when making the decision regarding the sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Talk to the doctor about the special fears in terms of the operation and all that worries him about that operation, and let the doctor tell the patient and discuss with him the facts so that anxiety and delusions do not occur from that operation.
  • When the doctor decides to perform the operation through the surgical incision, it is necessary to understand and talk to him about it first, and if the patient wants to talk and refer to other doctors for the sake of reassurance, he should do so.
  • A doctor who is a source of trust must be chosen from the start, so that the person does not bear the lack of competence or experience of a weak doctor.

At the conclusion of this article we mentioned to you Gastric sleeve in America | Cost, doctors, clinics and more, and we mentioned an overview of gastric sleeve, one of the most important benefits of gastric sleeve surgery for obese patients, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in America, the best medical centers for sleeve gastrectomy, places of residence in America, how to lose weight through gastric sleeve surgery, types Sleeve gastrectomy, as we also mentioned the methods of sleeve gastrectomy, how the sleeve gastrectomy is performed, the least weight of the sleeve gastrectomy, before the sleeve gastrectomy, the best doctor for the sleeve gastrectomy, we hope we have talked about everything related to this matter. (Watch some of Maqal’s YouTube videos).

Written by: Nidal Zomlot

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