Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the fastest ways to lose excess weight in obese people in record time

I became Sleeve gastrectomy It is the most effective among surgeries in eliminating excess weight and persistent obesity problems, as part of the stomach is removed at a rate of 75 to 80%.

Doctors mention that the rate of descent after sleeve gastrectomy ranges from 60 to 70% of the excess weight, and people are able to reach an ideal number of kilos within two years of surgery, but at varying intervals. The following explains how to lose excess weight after the sleeve gastrectomy:

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  • Starting from the sleeve gastrectomy procedure and for a period of two weeks, the rate of weight loss is 0.45 kilograms per day, which is equivalent to 4.5 kilograms up to 9 kilograms.
  • While the rate of weight loss during the first three months is 35% of the total excess weight up to 45%.
  • A person who underwent sleeve gastrectomy can lose up to 50% of the total excess weight during the first six months of the operation, up to 60%.
  • The percentage of excess weight decreases during the first year of sleeve gastrectomy until it reaches 60% of the total weight to 70%.

There are some people who suffer from excessive weight resort to many methods to lose excess weight, such as doing some harsh exercises, and some follow a specific and very harsh diet, thinking that they will be able to lose the extra weight.

Some resort to doctors specializing in this field and go to surgery to lose excess weight, among these operations we talk about sleeve gastrectomy and what are the cases in which the doctor advises to perform this operation:

  1. The doctor advises the patient who suffers from obesity and has a body mass index of 40 or more to undergo sleeve gastrectomy to ensure obtaining the desired result in effective weight loss.
  2. If the patient suffers from some health problems associated with obesity, such as patients with high blood pressure, as well as diabetics, and their BMI ranges between 35 degrees to 39.9 degrees.
  3. The doctor takes action Sleeve gastrectomy As a primary solution for losing excess weight if the patient suffers from life-threatening diseases related to weight, which are as follows:
  • Stroke diseases.
  • The patient suffers from cancer.
  • The patient suffers from infertility.
  • The level of cholesterol inside the body is high.
  • All heart diseases.
  • The patient suffers from a sudden cessation of breathing throughout the day.

Obtaining the rate of excess weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy requires following the doctor’s instructions, which are the followed diet, as well as some instructions for practicing light sports activities.

During our talk about the correct way of eating and what are its rates, we will explain the rate of diet that must be followed after the procedure Sleeve gastrectomy:

  • In the beginning, the diet depends on consuming small amounts of fluids, such as drinking only natural juices, and avoiding juices that contain preservatives.
  • After some time has passed and the stomach has become accustomed to liquids, the person who underwent sleeve gastrectomy can eat some pureed foods.
  • Four weeks after the operation, the patient can add some soft foods to his diet in small quantities.
  • While the person who underwent the sleeve gastrectomy can return to eating solid foods, but with a healthy diet, after at least six weeks have passed since the completion of the sleeve gastrectomy.
  • The attending physician warns the patient against consuming foods as well as drinks that are high in fat and calories.
  • Among the doctor’s instructions is to eat five meals throughout the day, but in small and healthy quantities, and to refrain from eating any meals between them, regardless of the size of the meal.
  • The attending physician explains to the people who have undergone the sleeve gastrectomy that their diet during the first two years should be specific and the number of calories should not exceed 800 calories per day.

The sleeve gastrectomy process is similar to the gastric balloon in many advantages, in terms of feeling pain after the procedure, as it is less than other methods used to get rid of excess weight.

As well as the return to normal daily life, where the person can return within a short time, in addition to the general form of the surgery, which is much better than other surgeries, and the rate of demand for this surgery is high in all countries of the world, which indicates the effectiveness of this surgery in obtaining a loss of excess weight. .

The necessary steps to perform the sleeve gastrectomy

When the patient goes to the specialist doctor to perform the sleeve gastrectomy, which is also known as the sleeve gastrectomy, such as: practical gastric balloon The doctor also provides the person with some advice and instructions that must be followed and implemented before performing this operation. Below we mention some of these preparations:

  1. Refrain from eating and drinking at least 12 hours before the operation.
  2. Doctors advise people who are about to undergo gastric sleeve surgery to drink sufficient amounts of water and liquids, in order to avoid constipation after the procedure.
  3. The necessary psychological preparation, and this is done by the psychologist as well as the attending physician, and also the help of some cases that underwent this operation and were successfully completed, and their owners enjoy the ideal weight.
  4. Complete abstinence from smoking for a month before the operation.
  5. Take care to eat a balanced diet and not eat foods that contain fats and sugars.

The main objective of sleeve gastrectomy is to perform such as: practical gastric balloon To get rid of excessive obesity and avoid the diseases that result from it, there are some things that he should beware of doing after the sleeve gastrectomy, which are:

  • Not exposing the stomach to receive food and drink together during the first period of the procedure, and this is done by mixing food and drink together.
  • The person who underwent sleeve gastrectomy must adhere to the health and nutritional regimen under the supervision of the doctor for a period of one and a half months, in order to help the wound heal and not to prolong the recovery period.
  • Not eating after reaching the stage of satiety and assigning the stomach more than its capacity to receive food, which will lead to vomiting, and the stomach will expand and increase in size after the surgery and return as before.
  • The use of straws leads to flatulence inside the abdomen, so you should avoid drinking straws during the stage of the procedure.

Obesity surgeries in Egypt are known for their high costs, and some even describe them as a kind of luxury that individuals carry out in their lives, while this saying has a degree of unhealthiness.

Some people who are overweight may need to lose this weight because of the health and psychological damage that results from it, while the high prices of obesity surgeries in Egypt are due to many reasons, the most important of which are:

  • The cost of obesity operations determines a lot of things, as there is the cost of the tools that the doctor uses in the treatment, in addition to the cost of follow-up with the doctor immediately after the operation, so it is very expensive.
  • Obesity surgeries need a very skilled doctor who is characterized by accuracy in treatment, as any problem may cause a catastrophe in the whole body, and any kind of medical error is a major cause of many problems that are difficult to treat later and difficult to control, so it is always advised to choose a skilled and specialized doctor for that command.
  • The results of successful obesity operations are very impressive, as it happens and in less than a month the body is in its ideal state and begins to lose weight clearly, which helps to reach the ideal weight.
  • There are some cases in which the patient returns to the high weight again, and this is due to his failure to adhere to the necessary instructions after completing the operation and following the procedures for modifying the daily behavioral system.

Standards to be met by the attending physician

There are some things that must be available in the treating doctor, the most important of which is confidence and submission to him so that he can perform the operation successfully, in addition to the availability of some important criteria, including the following:

  • The doctor must explain to the patient all the details easily and explain the advantages as well as the disadvantages and risks of this operation before undergoing it.
  • The doctor must give the patient the opportunity to present his own questions about what he wants and wants to know, and to clarify the matter to him in a way that he can understand, and the doctor is committed to providing convincing and scientific answers to all these questions.
  • The doctor must be very experienced in this field, as well as highly skilled in this field.
  • Ensure that there are a large number of successful operations that he has performed, provided that those operations are of the same sample and type of operation.

The available methods vary in helping people lose excess weight, but each method has its own advantages and risks, as not all methods are suitable for all people, and here comes the role of the attending physician in knowing the genealogy through the necessary examinations to know the person’s complete health condition.

But in the end, the interactions that occur to help a person lose excess weight fall within one scope, and everyone ultimately reaches the same goal that the various slimming operations aim at, which is to reduce the desire to eat as well as raise the rates of burning in the body.

represent a process gastric balloon It is the safest method and the latest technology among the various means of slimming, as it is a balloon that the doctor places inside the stomach to reduce its size so that the remaining part of the stomach is smaller, and thus the amount of food that the person eats is small, which leads to losing excess weight and keeping the body from gaining weight. Many extra kilos.

represent a process gastric balloon The ideal solution in the treatment of excess weight loss without resorting to surgical intervention, and there are many advantages provided by the gastric balloon operation laparoscopically, which we will mention in several points as follows:

  • One of the most important advantages that the gastric balloon offers to people is the return to normal life and daily activities as soon as possible.
  • Many people prefer to resort to this process as an alternative to surgeries and exposure to what happens after surgery, as it is a safe process that takes place in endoscopy units.
  • After this operation, people can exercise with unprecedented physical activity, and not be exposed to the risks of obesity from heart disease, as well as shortness of breath during sleep.
  • The gastric balloon helps the person not want to eat, which leads to losing excess weight, because the balloon has occupied a large part of the stomach that makes the person feel full.
  • The results of the laparoscopic gastric balloon are very high compared to other methods that are used for weight loss, as the success rate is almost completely complete.

Results of the gastric balloon procedure laparoscopically

The basic idea depends on the process gastric balloon Endoscopy fills a large part of the stomach, which makes you feel full faster, as we will explain in the following the results of the gastric balloon:

  1. The presence of the balloon inside the stomach leads to eating small amounts of food, meaning that you will not gain weight, while you will lose a lot of excess weight as well.
  2. The presence of the balloon inside the stomach slows down the time it takes for the stomach to empty food, so the feeling of hunger decreases.
  3. While the gastric balloon affects the level of hormones responsible for appetite and changing it lower than usual.
  4. The amount of weight that is lost after the gastric balloon procedure determines the degree of your commitment to the doctor’s instructions, the extent of your ability to change the wrong behaviors in your life related to food, and the keenness to eat healthy food and exercise.
  5. In case of complete commitment to changing the daily lifestyle, the person will be able to lose about 15% of his weight after completing the gastric balloon operation.
  6. One of the most important results of having a gastric balloon is to help eliminate obesity-related diseases and improve health conditions, such as:
  • Type 1 diabetes who takes blood sugar lowering drugs.
  • Feeling of tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing during sleep.
  • High blood pressure and avoiding the seriousness of its complications.
  • various heart diseases as well as stroke.

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