External prosthesis

External breast prosthesis is one of the available solutions to get a similar shape of the breast without plastic surgery. This procedure works for many women, especially breast cancer survivors who choose a mastectomy (removal of one breast) or a double mastectomy (removal of both breasts).

Despite the advancement of breast reconstruction surgery today, and that they are performed alongside mastectomy surgeries, an external artificial breast is still available to a few women who cannot afford the exorbitant cost of breast reconstruction, subsequent health care costs, or have health problems. which preclude breast reconstruction surgery.

Who can benefit from breast implants or breast prostheses?

  1. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation has been in the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries since 2006. However, not all women have the financial means to do so, so other methods have been invented to meet this need.
  2. If you are a breast cancer survivor who wants to look as feminine as ever, and you do not have the financial or medical options for breast reconstruction, external breast prostheses can solve your problem.
  3. Breast asymmetry is common. It may be more noticeable when one breast appears noticeably larger than the other. Breast size can vary due to hormonal fluctuations, changes during puberty, trauma, or unknown causes. And being in good shape can help boost self-confidence.

Are there different types of dentures?

External breast prostheses come in different forms. Determining what you need can help you choose the right model for you.

The first is a full breast prosthesis

A full prosthesis, which has an enhanced shape of both breasts, is suitable for any woman with small breast tissue, as well as women who have undergone a mastectomy procedure, or have normal but small, flat breasts. Full breast implants come in a variety of support options and can also match skin tone.

Second, a partial breast prosthesis

The contoured or partial shape is for anyone who has had breast tissue removed, or wants more fullness on one side. This prosthesis is made of the same materials as a full breast prosthesis, but is worn over the bra like a bra, rather than against the skin.

Third, a breast prosthesis in the form of a shell

These implants work best if the natural breast tissue is noticeably asymmetrical. This model is placed over the smaller breast like a cap on a tooth, so the filling, usually a shell shape, surrounds the smaller breast to give it the same size as the other breast. Shell shapes are worn with a bra.

Fourth, adhesive breast prostheses

These implants adhere to the skin and are partial or full, and are suitable for women whose work requires a lot of movement, such as during vigorous exercise or dancing shoulder-to-shoulder.

Forms of breast prostheses.

Breast prostheses come in many different shapes, just like natural breasts. While some are interchangeable from left to right breast, many are not, so pay close attention when purchasing. Common forms of breast implants include:

  • Oval or triangular. These shapes are symmetrical and can be worn on both sides.
  • Tear drop or scale shape. These shapes are made for breasts that are fuller at the bottom and less breast tissue above the nipple. It can be worn on both sides.
  • Asymmetric prostheses. these forms fit under the arm or upper chest wall to fill in tissue that may have been removed during surgery. Asymmetric shapes are designed specifically for the left or right side.
  • A custom-designed prosthesis where 3D technology can be used to scan the chest wall and create a custom model that fits your chest perfectly.

What is the artificial breast made of?

1. Silicone breasts

Silicone breasts are the traditional alternative. It usually mimics the feel of a natural breast. Silicone implants can be worn in special pockets inside the bra or directly glued to the skin. Some silicone molds are now specially designed with channels to improve skin breathability. Although silicone breast implants can be worn underwater, there are forms specifically designed for swimming that are lighter and suitable for active activities.

2. Chest prepared for decoration


  • polyester fiber.
  • foam.
  • beads.

These forms are worn inside the bra. The selected material is wrapped in a cloth-like wrapper. Because they are made of a lightweight material, they are cooler and more comfortable than traditional silicone molds. And each model can be easily changed depending on the activity of the day. And there are waterproof features for swimming and other water activities.

These prostheses are ideal if you have fresh scars from surgery, as the adhesive backing found in other forms can irritate sensitive skin while it heals. These prostheses can help provide support and confidence until your surgical scars are fully healed.

3. Private breasts

Whether your mastectomy has left scars, is asymmetrical, large, or your breasts are flat, breasts can be designed to mimic the curves and grooves of your body and can even match your skin tone. And if you have breast tissue on one side, a breast implant can mimic the shape, curve and weight of the other breast to create symmetry in your breast.

How do you use artificial breasts?

  • Some can be worn inside a bra pocket or other clothing.
  • Or, in bib form, they’re made with a pocket that fits securely in the chest pocket for easy swapping of different sized tabs.
  • Silicone forms can be attached directly to the skin or attached with additional adhesives.
  • If you are gluing the filler to the skin, be sure to remove all hair for the best adhesion.

How do you take care of the artificial breast?

Breast implant care depends on the material it is made of. Each model should have its own care instructions. Learn these instructions to extend product life. For example, silicone breast implants require special care to maintain their natural texture. Some figures come with a kit that includes non-abrasive wipes and safe mild soap. Non-silicone breast prostheses can usually be washed with mild soap and water, and then the prosthesis or bra can be hung to dry.

Adhesive-backed breast prostheses have unique care instructions that must be followed to maintain good adhesion. Read the instructions carefully and refrain from using strong detergents.

Other frequently asked questions

  • How do you know which breast size and shape to choose?

The breast size and shape you choose depends on several factors, including whether you have breast tissue that you want to match or enhance, or whether you prefer fuller or smaller breasts…etc. It’s ultimately up to you.

  • Do I have to wear a bra to wear a prosthesis?

Wearing a bra depends on the type of charge you want to carry. Some forms are made to be inserted into a bra or clothing. Other forms can be applied directly to the skin with glue.

  • Can I wear breast implants while swimming or playing sports?

Although silicone forms can be worn while swimming, there are forms that are specifically designed for swimming. These forms are usually lighter in weight and more suitable for hyperactivity.

  • Does the artificial breast have artificial nipples?

Most breast forms are flat. Pacifiers are usually sold separately. As with custom-made breast implants, you can have nipples customized to your preferences.

  • Is it possible to create your own breast implants at home?

Yes, if you have a needle and thread (or knitting needles) at hand, you can make it yourself. Knitted Knockers offers free patterns on their website. You can also use rice, seeds or other materials to create your own design shape.

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