Errors of the intermittent fasting system from Sally Fouad and the method of its application

Getting a perfect figure is an aspiration for both women and men, so many are searching online for Sally Fouad’s intermittent fasting system. This system has proven its worth with the testimony of many, as hundreds of people have lost many kilograms by applying this system. Therefore, intermittent fasting, according to the method of nutritionist Sally Fouad, has become the talk of those who want to lose weight recently, and through the following article we learn more about the method of applying this system, and the most important mistakes that we recommend avoiding when applying it.

What is Sally Fouad’s intermittent fasting system?

The intermittent fasting system is one of the diets followed worldwide. This diet has been adopted by thousands and they have confirmed that it is an ideal diet for weight loss. Sally Fouad’s diet, known as the “Seven Steps,” is based on almost the same items as intermittent fasting, with a few differences. Through the following points, we will learn about the seven-step diet, which nutritionist Sally Fouad advised to do, and confirmed that this diet is very close to the intermittent fasting diet.

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  1. Medical tests: The first step in the diet depends on doing the necessary tests, to ensure that there is no organic problem that leads to gaining excess weight. You must do a thyroid test and a food allergy test, in addition to a blood test to find out about the general condition of the body.
  2. Drinking water immediately after waking up: Drink a large glass of lukewarm water immediately after waking up, as this cup will help you raise the burn.
  3. Divide your daily meals: You should divide your meals that you eat over a period of 8 hours into small meals, and it is better that they contain healthy food such as proteins, vitamins and healthy fats.
  4. Avoid white carbohydrates: If you want to do the seven-step diet, you must prevent white carbohydrates, which are white flour and sugar. You should also eat foods that contain beneficial carbohydrates, such as eating fruits and oats. But you have to make sure to eat these foods before seven o’clock in the evening.
  5. One-third of the stomach: If you start the seven steps, you should eat only one-third of the stomach, that is, you should not feel completely full. Therefore, we advise you to eat meals that contain salad and soup. Starting with soup and then eating salad will reduce your desire to complete the meal.
  6. Sleep: Go to sleep early, and do not oversleep, just get only 8 hours a day.
  7. The free day: Do not forget to take a free day, on this day give up the restrictions of the diet “without excess”. As the free day helps to restore the body to the natural burning rate.

And after we got acquainted with the seven-step diet, according to the Sally Fouad method, we will now learn about the mistakes of doing intermittent fasting. Those mistakes that make many fail to achieve the expected weight loss.

Intermittent fasting mistakes

Some make the mistake of doing intermittent fasting, because of the misconceptions of this type of diet. So now we know the most prominent mistakes that many people make while applying intermittent fasting.

  • Some people overeat during the permitted period of eating, so it is best to eat healthy food in moderation.
  • Carrying out a harsh diet to lose weight, this is a fatal mistake whose harms are more than its benefits, as it may affect the internal processes of the body.
  • Neglecting to drink enough water.
  • Drink sugary drinks during the time allowed to eat.
  • neglecting to have a free day.

After reviewing the steps of the diet and the most important mistakes that some people make when applying it, you can now outline your diet.

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