The Great Benefits of Kale or Red Cabbage, (Healing) and (Protection)

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The Great Benefits of Kale or Red Cabbage, (Healing) and (Protection)

Red cabbage or red cabbage is a leafy vegetable commonly used in oriental cuisine due to its great benefits and distinctive taste.

Kale or red cabbage contains a wide variety of nutrients such as thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, B vitamins, folate, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, iodine and dietary fiber. . Antioxidants.

Red cabbage gives you many benefits that improve your health and protect you from diseases, and in the following lines we will learn about the benefits of red cabbage according to what is published on the “healthline” website.

The benefits of cabbage or red cabbage

Protect the heart

Red cabbage contains vitamin C, in addition to antioxidants that protect the heart from the effects of diseases and protect against atherosclerosis.

Cancer prevention

Red cabbage contains a large amount of antioxidants, including flavonoids and anthocyanins, which in turn fight free radicals, which reduces the occurrence of cancer.

Prevention of osteoporosis

One of the benefits of red cabbage is that it strengthens the bones, as it contains a high percentage of calcium, which helps prevent osteoporosis, and therefore care should be taken to include red cabbage in the diet of the elderly.

Improve digestion

One of the benefits of red cabbage is that it helps improve the functioning of the digestive system, as it contains a large amount of minerals, including the element sulfur, which plays a role in preventing indigestion and intestinal disorders.

Stomach ulcer treatment

Glutamine amino acids help heal stomach ulcers. Its use in the treatment of stomach ulcers dates back to ancient times because it is rich in essential amino acids.

Strengthen the nervous system

Red cabbage is rich in iodine, which helps the brain to fully perform its functions, and also improves the work of the endocrine gland.

Strengthens the immune system

Red cabbage contains vitamin E, which is one of the vitamins needed to strengthen the immune system, as it is one of the vitamins that helps increase the body’s antibodies, and also promotes the metabolic process that prevents immune-related diseases.

Protection against anemia

Regular consumption of red cabbage protects you from anemia. Yes, that’s what happens in peppers, because it is rich in iron, which greatly contributes to reducing anemia and promotes your sense of vigor and vitality and curbs laziness.

Reducing the symptoms of aging

Red cabbage contains vitamin C, in addition to vitamin E, which helps to reduce the signs of aging that a person may experience as they age, as well as antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles that affect the skin.

Alzheimer’s protection

Red Cabbage Red cabbage contains a higher concentration of anthocyanins than white or green cabbage. Thus, red cabbage helps prevent the formation of plaques in the brain, which are the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Promotes weight loss

Red cabbage contains healthy fibers that help you feel full and lose excess and unsightly weight, in addition, it contains a small percentage of calories, so it is important to be careful when eating red cabbage for weight loss, whether it is in dishes. eg soup or salad.

Supports the health of pregnant women and protects the fetus

Red cabbage is a useful vegetable for pregnant women because it prevents anemia, which is a common disease during pregnancy, and helps protect the fetus and bone formation because it contains calcium, and also protects the fetus from congenital deformities because red cabbage contains folic acid. sour

It also reduces constipation because it contains a high percentage of fiber and works to provide the body with vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus, as well as reducing the chance of miscarriage during pregnancy.

Promotes healthy skin

Red cabbage is one of the important foods for skin and skin health because it contains some elements that promote collagen supply and continuing to eat red cabbage makes you look younger than your original age.

Protection of teeth

Eating red cabbage permanently protects teeth from decay, and this is due to the fact that it contains vitamin A, which is responsible for this issue.

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