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Written by: Bayan Nasser Moqbel

Diet is a scientific term that refers to everything we put in our mouths of food and drink, regardless of its purpose, whether it is losing weight, gaining weight, or staying away from certain foods. To learn more about this specialty and take general advice, followers and readers, we had this meeting with Dr. Raghad Daoud, She is the doctor who comforts her patients with her constant smile. On behalf of everyone, we first extend our sincere thanks to her for devoting a space of her time to dialogue.

Who is Dr. Raghad Dawood?

Dr. Raghad Dawood is a nutritionist who graduated from the University of Jordan. She holds two training certificates from the King Hussein Cancer Center and the Nutrition Experts Center. She currently works as a nutritionist at the Nutrition Experts Center in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

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What is the diet that you adopt for all reviewers, is it a healthy diet or a chemical diet?

I like to rely on the integrated healthy diet, based on each person and how their needs are. I cannot generalize that everyone who wants to lose weight must depend on one diet. Every person has a body and every body has a specific system, but in general I prefer a healthy diet. Integrated and balanced because it helps to lose weight in a more natural and healthy way.

What are the right steps that a person should follow to get an ideal weight?

The ideal weight is based on the person’s height, age, weight, and the nature of his movement, and it is not accurate. As for if we want to talk about reaching the correct weight, we must rely on a healthy weight, which is more accurate and more important, and reaching this goal depends on the person’s self-confidence.

Well, Doctor.. If we talk about eating meals, does eating one meal during the day help to lose weight in the body?

The idea of ​​one meal is a very wrong idea, especially if it does not contain other supplements such as vegetables, fruits or snacks (snacks). It is preferable that the number of meals be sufficient during the day to lose fat. Eating only one meal during the day helps to satisfy and enhance the fat and increase it in the body because Low required healthy calories.

Are weight loss surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding, liposuction and liposuction healthier than dieting?

In my opinion, if the person who resorted to this type of operation did not maintain his weight, he will return to his weight as it was in the past. Also, not following the diet continuously and in a healthy way will contribute to returning to the previous weight. Those who resorted to these operations and those who follow must Diet Maintaining a lifestyle in eating, not eating too much sugar, not drinking too much soft drinks, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and dividing meals during the day correctly, the result will be the same in both cases.

What are the best types of sports?

You must exercise five times during the week for 30 minutes, which is equivalent to 150 minutes during one week, and brisk walking is one of the best types of sports for burning fat, and the more exercise, whether it is a movement sport or depends only on brisk walking, the greater the burning in the body, Also, we have cardio, which is very good for regulating the heart, losing a large amount of weight and maintaining health. We also have resistance sports that help to build and maintain muscle mass, and it must be practiced two days a week. We must give our bodies a high chance of physical activity on a daily basis.

Nice.. If we talk a little about gastric laxatives, do they really help to lose weight as some people think?

Gastric laxatives are considered medicines that cannot be used without a prescription or consulting pharmacists. Some believe that these laxatives help in losing weight, so they are a big trick by which the person deceives himself. The weight that is lost after using laxatives is just a number, nothing more. The loss of some fluids and waste only has nothing to do with melting fat, so it should be avoided and used only in cases of chronic constipation.

Advice for followers and readers to maintain a slim figure and an ideal body?

To get a fit body and an ideal body, you must eat every two to three hours, exercise daily, pay attention to the calories eaten, and get an adequate amount of rest and sleep as much as possible. (Watch some of the article’s YouTube videos)

Written by: Bayan Nasser Moqbel

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