The fastest way to burn belly fat and lose weight severely

The fastest way to burn belly fat and lose weight severely
The best way to increase fat burning

The fastest way to burn belly fat and lose weight severely

The fastest way to burn belly fat and lose weight severely

Weight loss may be delayed sometimes, even when following strict diets. However, there is always something that can be done to speed up a satisfactory result by maximizing fat burning. We often find that someone is facing difficulties in losing weight or that his weight is stable at a certain limit. This article outlines all the potential problems when trying to lose weight.

How to measure ketones

 If the goal is to get the body to burn fat and use it as a fuel source as possible, there is a great measure for that. It is based on testing the number of ketones in the blood. There is a special device for measuring ketones that can be used to measure ketones in the blood, not urine. And the results will appear in the form of degrees and often a result higher than 3 will never appear unless you pay attention to several other things that will be mentioned. The results remain between 1 to 3 when applying the keto diet and intermittent fasting, but if the exercise increases severely, the degree will increase, and the higher the degree, the more the body enters ketosis, and if the diet is accompanied by prolonged fasting, the degree will rise more according to the number of fasting days.

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 Sometimes it is feared that ketoacidosis will occur if the degree of ketones in the body rises to 9.5 or 10, this degree indicates ketoacidosis. But ketoacidosis only occurs if a person has type 1 diabetes and his body does not produce insulin, does not control his blood sugar, or forgets to take insulin. So if the body is producing insulin, it will not get ketoacidosis.

How to increase ketones

We will talk about how to raise the level of ketones by applying several things, including exercise and prolonged fasting. Most of the advice will focus on what to avoid, not do. Avoiding a few things will make a big difference:

1- Reduce your carbohydrate intake

Reduce your carbohydrate intake to nearly zero. That is, not eating berries or nuts except for macadamia. And do not eat milk because it contains sugar. And avoid kefir as well as stay away from carrots, beets, corn, squash, peas, and tomatoes. It is possible to eat leafy vegetables. The closer the carbs are to zero, the more ketones are in the body.

Refraining from eating carbohydrates completely helps in losing weight and increasing fat burning to the maximum degree
Abstaining carbohydrates increases the level of ketones in the blood

2- Avoid eating extra fats with meals

 Thus, dispensing with MCT oil because the body will use it as fuel before using its fat reserves. As well as refraining from coffee bulletproof. It contains MCT oil and butter along with coffee, and you should not eat keto bums, which are small desserts eaten after a meal. Therefore, you should stay away from this type of food, especially if it was purchased ready-made, because it may contain ingredients that may not be suitable. It is necessary not to eat unnecessary fats and to be satisfied with the fats that come with protein only and without adding anything to the coffee. It is recommended to drink only black coffee without the half and half milk or cream.

3- Avoid sugary alcohol

 They are the alternative sweeteners that many people use on the keto diet. Xylitol and erythritol should be avoided, not because they contain sugar, but because they can alter the digestive system. This may cause bloating and other problems, so it is advised to avoid almond flour as well. Many people have problems with it because it can cause bloating. And you should not eat packaged keto foods, as they may be added to artificial fibers called functional fibers such as soluble corn fiber and tapioca fiber, in addition to hidden maltodextrin that is not mentioned on the food label. It is best to stay away from these foods so that they do not become an obstacle to losing weight.

4- Avoid visiting restaurants, The fastest way to burn belly fat and lose weight severely

 Going to the restaurant is an adventure with unexpected results. They use seed oils in abundance to fry food and put them in it, especially in fast food restaurants. But this applies to other restaurants as well. In order to obtain better results, it is preferable not to visit restaurants, and it is better than the food is prepared personally to control its ingredients.

5- Avoid drinking too much coffee

It is possible to drink only one cup of coffee and no more. This is to avoid excess caffeine, which may hinder sleep and stress the liver because it puts it on its shoulders to get rid of caffeine toxins.

6- Take apple cider vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar should be taken as a tablespoon in a glass of water before a meal. Because apple cider vinegar greatly improves the state of blood sugar and the problem of insulin resistance. Apple cider vinegar also helps in increasing the acidity in the stomach, thus improving digestion.

The fastest way to burn belly fat and lose weight severely
Apple cider vinegar helps increase fat burning to the maximum degree

7- Avoid too much protein

No more than 227g of protein in one meal. Because increased protein intake may raise insulin. You should eat 85 g or 170 g up to 227 g of protein and nothing more in the meal. Since we support the point of view of having one meal a day from Monday to Friday, protein intake should be increased slightly. So 198g to 277g would be fine too. Also, pay attention to the type of protein. Protein should be taken with the fat that usually accompanies it and avoids the fat-free one. You should eat fatty proteins such as burgers, fatty steaks, salmon, fish, seafood, and eggs. And some high-quality cheeses, such as organic European cheeses, come from raw milk from grass-fed cows, and this is the best kind. Cheese is a good source of carbohydrate-free protein compared to other dairy products such as milk, kefir, or yogurt. It is advised not to take protein powders because they may contain undesirable compounds. It is also fat-free. The higher the protein, the higher the insulin.

8- Eat one meal a day

Monday through Friday There should not be a specific number of calories as you must eat enough food and make sure it is rich in nutrients on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). It is also possible to fast for 48 hours. At first, it may be believed that the above is exaggerated, but it can be noted that the health improvement on various levels is amazing, as well as the improvement of the metabolism process, and it will be possible to overcome the problem of weight stability at a certain limit. It is believed that this pattern is very good for weight loss and health in general. Fasting also fights cancer. When fasting, care must be taken to take electrolytes, B vitamins, and sea salt.

9- Avoid stress

The biggest source of stress is contact with others, so try to isolate those who cause stress. There are two types of people around us, one that takes us forward and one that pulls us back, and these are the ones we should avoid. You should also stop watching news bulletins because they often carry bad news and little good news. Watch it as limited as possible. And in the case of staying away from news bulletins and people who cause stress. The bad news will subside, your mental health will improve dramatically, and stress and cortisol will decrease.

It is also recommended to be busy a lot so that there is no time to dwell on thinking and thus feel anxious and tense. Many people think when they have free time and worry about themselves. Therefore, excessive thinking, especially when analyzing different problems constantly, increases cortisol levels, so it is better to be busy so that the thinking goes away from these problems for some time. In order to avoid feeling bored, sitting without being busy with food in the kitchen is one of the worst things.

The fastest way to burn belly fat and lose weight severely
Staying away from sources of stress helps to increase fat burning to the maximum degree

It is also recommended to practice physical activities or exercise two or three times a week for one hour. It is preferable to increase physical work if this is possible, as it is a cure in itself. It helps relieve mental stress more than exercise. The type of exercise recommended is the intensity that causes pain the next day. So the whole body should be exercised. High-intensity interval training is the best option for more than 5 minutes because it is not enough so you should work out until you feel tired. But it may not be possible without the help of a personal trainer, so it is possible to use one of them.

It should also be exposed as much as possible to the sun without access to burning the body, exposure to it is a very good treatment to reduce cortisol.

The fastest way to burn belly fat and lose weight severely

10- Eat fermented vegetables

One cup of sauerkraut or kimchi per day, for example, will help the intestines and improve sleep. If you are unable to eat fermented vegetables, probiotics can be taken before bed because they will improve sleep and help lose weight.

Fermented vegetables help in losing weight and increasing fat burning to the maximum degree
Fermented vegetables help maximize fat burning

11- Strengthening beta cells

These cells are located in the pancreas and regulate insulin production. Therefore, you should eat enough foods rich in potassium and magnesium, as in large salad bowls. Vitamin D is also needed and it is best to take these nutrients as an electrolyte supplement. Vitamin D is very important for the pancreas and helps lower insulin, as is vitamin B1 from nutritional yeast. As these elements improve the state of insulin resistance and the pancreas.

12- sleep

It is recommended to sleep at 9:30. Make sure to get as much sleep as possible. In the event that you wake up in the middle of the night, you must go back to sleep and continue it for as long as possible, at least 8 hours.

Simple things can hinder the fat-burning process and cause it to slow down. Therefore, you should pay attention to some of these important recommendations that will ensure faster fat burning and target satisfactory results.

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