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Excess hair is a common problem among women that may cause you discomfort, embarrassment, and low self-confidence, especially if the excess hair is on the face. What makes you search for a solution that helps you get rid of it quickly and without pain to improve your appearance and make your skin look smoother and more radiant in a few minutes. One of the popular products used by women to remove excess facial hair is facial razors, which makes us show you in this article everything related to the original Flamingo razors. .

Flamingo blades

Blades designed to remove facial hair and eyebrows without pain and within minutes, get rid of excess hair, and its effect lasts for several days.

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Flamingo blade benefits

  • Painless facial hair removal.
  • Trimming the eyebrows and removing excess hair in them.
  • Removing hair of small areas of the body such as fingers and toes.
  • Getting rid of pilonidal lanugo.

Features of flamingo blades for the face

  • The blades are foldable, which makes them convenient to carry anywhere.
  • The blade is made of stainless steel to ensure a longer blade life.
  • Helps remove dead skin cells.
  • Quick results, you only need a few minutes to enjoy hair-free skin.
  • The blade is equipped with a safety guard to prevent lateral slipping of the blades against the skin.
  • It does not affect the roots of the hair, so it does not make it thicker.

Disadvantages of flamingo facial razors

Hair appears quickly compared to traditional root hair removal methods.

Flamingo blades rating

Original Flamingo blades

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Flamingo blade components

  • handle: Small handle for easy control of the blades when removing hair from small areas or the face.
  • head: Foldable hair removal mousse with a guard to prevent side slip and make it feel soft on the skin.

Flamingo blade effect

The flamingo blade is a good alternative to the old and traditional methods of removing facial hair due to its many benefits, as it removes hair without pain and in a short time, in addition to its help in removing layers of dead skin without affecting the hair roots.

The price of flamingo blades in pharmacies

Flamingo facial razors price compared to the number

The price of the blades ranges between 120 and 170 Egyptian pounds and contains 3 blades in three different colors, each blade sufficient for multiple uses.

Price of the Flamingo blade for the face compared to the blade

Flamingo blade has a good price compared to its effect in removing excess hair and enjoying smooth and bright skin quickly and painlessly.

Flamingo blade price compared to other types

The price of a flamingo blade for removing excess hair in the face and eyebrows is average compared to other facial blades. There are lower price types of blades than Flamingo, such as Tinkle blades, and there are higher price types of blades, such as Ibelin blades.

How to use flamingo blades

The method of using flamingo blades for the face is to follow the following steps:

  • Sterilize the blades by spraying rubbing alcohol on them, leaving them for 5 minutes, then rinsing them with water.
  • Wash your face well with the appropriate cleanser, rinse it with water, then dry it gently.
  • Apply a moisturizing cream to your face to avoid cutting your skin while running the razor over your face.
  • Remove hair in the direction it grows, and do not pass the razor more than twice over the same area.
  • Wash your skin with water and moisturize it well after you are done.

The shape of the original Flamingo blades

Make sure that you get the original blades, as non-original blades cause many skin problems. Unfortunately, the difference between the original Flamingo blades and the imitation ones is simple, and among the differences that you should notice:

  • The original Flamingo package features “Made in Japan” on the front and back of the packaging and on the blade itself.
  • The back of the original packaging is of high quality, unlike the original, the carton from which the back of the packaging is made is poor.
  • The original package features three stars at the bottom of the package on the front.
  • The original blades’ colors are more visible.
  • The original razor blade is higher and more tapered than the imitation.
  • The feel of the original blade is visibly smoother on the skin than the imitation.
  • The price of imitation blades is lower compared to that of original blades.

overall assessment

If you want to remove excess facial hair or trim your eyebrows quickly and painlessly, the original Flamingo blades are the right choice for you.

Original Flamingo blades

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Do flamingo blades increase hair?

No, the blades do not affect the roots or thickness of the hair if used properly.

Do you use flamingo blades for the sensitive area?

No, there are other blades suitable for the sensitive area, including: Venus Snap, Venus Smooth Razor, and Venus Olay Comfort Razor

What are the harms of flamingo blades for the face?

  • The appearance of pimples and grains when using the wrong blades.
  • The appearance of hair under the skin when used excessively.
  • Cut the skin when using the blades in the wrong way.

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